Random Names

Male Names
  • Aaranyan (Indian) - means Forest; signifies wild greenery
  • Addam (Hebrew) - Variation of Adam . From the red earth.
  • Aidan (Gaelic) - Little fire [English and Gaelic speaking countries]

    Anglicized form of Aodhán. When combined with variants like Aiden, Ayden, Aydan, and Aden, Aidan was the most popular name for boys in the U.S. in 2006.

    St Aidan was the founder of the monastery of Lindisfarne in north England. He is credit

  • Cadwallon - A seventh century king
  • Chaitya (Indian) - Perceivable; Pertaining to the Mind; Individual Soul; A Buddhist or Jain shrine including a stupa;
  • Dushkarma (Indian) - One who thinks about his actions
  • Dyumat (Indian) - Brilliant; Splendid; Excellent; Bright; Radiant; Magnificient
  • Feldtun (English) - From the field estate
  • Fitz Water (English) - Son of Walter
  • Forest (English) - Forest; of the forest; forest-keeper [English speaking countries]
  • Glynn - From the valley.
  • Gregg (Greek) - Watcher [English speaking countries]
  • Ignacio (Latin) - Fiery [English and Spanish speaking countries]
  • Isai (Hebrew) - Man [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    From the Hebrew 'is', 'man'.

  • Jaques (Hebrew) - Supplanter
  • Jusman (Indian) - The meaning of the name Jusman is Pair
  • Keandre (Hawaiian) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Modern coinage, related to the other modern coinage Deandre.

  • Kenyon (English) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    The etymology of this surname is uncertain. Kenyon is the name of one of the main characters of Hawthorne's novel "The Marble Faun." It is also the name of a small liberal arts college in the U.S.

  • Kirkland (Irish) - Church.
  • Krishnakanta (Indian) - The name means Lord Krishna
  • Ladarius (Persian) - Maintain well; possess and good [English speaking countries]

    A variant of Darius.

  • Laskmigopal (Indian) - One of many names of Lord Vishnu signifying him as husband of Goddess Lakshmi
  • Nikolai (Greek) - Victory of the people [Bulgarian and English speaking countries]
  • Norberto (English) - Shining from the North.
  • Renzo (Latin) - Man from Laurentum [English and Italian speaking countries]

    Short form of Lorenzo.

  • Sahasin (Indian) - A person who is powerful and mighty
  • Samarthya (Indian) - One with the big strenght
  • Shaylee (Irish) - Variant of Shay. A gift. From the fairy fort.
  • Smarajit (Indian) - One who has conquered lust
  • Sun (English)
Female Names
  • Abbigail (Hebrew) - Father in rejoicing [English speaking countries]

    Respelling of Abigail.

  • Airic (Celtic) - Agreeable
  • Ashlyn (Irish) - Vision or dream.
  • Balan (Indian) - Small Child; Little One; Young one
  • Brownie
  • Charlotte (French) - Tiny and feminine. Also feminine of Charles meaning manly
  • Corinne (French) - Maiden
  • Darla (English) - From the Old English dearling: darling.
  • Ericka (Norse) - Eternal ruler [English speaking countries]
  • Erin (Celtic) - From Ireland
  • Farah (Arabic) - Joyful [English speaking countries]
  • Heidy (Germanic) - Noble one [English speaking countries]
  • Jairaja (Indian) - A goddes of victroy
  • Kamnika (Indian) - Kamnika means Alluring, Charming
  • Kellie (Gaelic) - War; strife; bright-headed [English speaking countries]
  • Laboni (Indian) - Laboni means Woman who is full of Grace
  • Lakshana (Indian) - Opportune and andventageous person
  • Leila (Persian) - Dark-haired beauty; night [Arabic, English and Persian speaking countries]

    Leila is a common Persian name that has recently gained a measure of popularity in the English-speaking world.

  • Mangla (Indian) - One who that comes before morning
  • Marzooqa (Indian) - The blessed one
  • Nima (Indian) - Large indian tree [English and Hebrew speaking countries]
  • Noemi (Hebrew) - Beautiful, pleasant, delightful [English speaking countries]
  • Olyvia (English) - Elf army [English speaking countries]

    A modern respelling of the legitimate name Olivia.

  • Pumpkin (Native American)
  • Quayliah (United States) - American created name
  • Shelden - Deep valley.
  • Tamura (Japanese) - Japanese name meaning rice village
  • Victoria (Latin) - Conqueror; victory [English, Romanian and Spanish speaking countries]

    Victoria was the Roman goddess of victory, the equivalent of the Greek Nike.

    A notable bearer of this name is Queen Victoria who reigned between 1819 - 1901 and is the longest reigning British monarch. Victoria was not a common name when Qu

  • Waltraud (Swiss) - Rule strength
  • Zippora (Hebrew) - Beauty
Gender Neutral Names
  • Allegre (Mexican) - Happy
  • Andy (Greek) - Man, warrior [English speaking countries]

    Nickname for Andrew or Andrea.

  • Arden (English) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    A surname derived from a place name, which probably comes originally from a Celtic word meaning 'high'.

  • Bailey (English) - Bailiff [English speaking countries]

    A bailey can also mean the outer wall of a castle, or the courtyard between the two outer walls of a castle.

    Baileys Irish Cream is a whiskey and cream alcoholic drink.

    Bailey features in the top 30 most popular names of most

  • Brileigh (United States) - A made up name from Brianna and Riley. Means A strong and a brave person
  • Casey (English) - From Cayce [English speaking countries]

    Casey was first used as an honorary nickname for American folk hero Jonathan 'Casey' Jones. He acquired his nickname from his birthplace, Cayce, in Kentucky. Casey is also a last name, an anglicised form of the Irish Gaelic surname Ó Cathasaigh. This mean

  • Chakrit (Indian) - The intelligent one
  • Charlie
  • Chathurya (Indian) - Clever individual
  • Corey (Germanic) - God's peace [English speaking countries]

    Derived from the Irish surname of debated origin.
    It may be derived from the Germanic first name Godfrey (God's peace), and may have been encouraged by the Gaelic 'cuairteoir' (visitor).
    It might also come from the Gaelic 'coire' (a cauldro

  • Courtney (English) - From Courtenay; snub-nosed [English speaking countries]

    Courtney or Courtenay came to England with the Norman Conquest in 1066. There various places in Northern France named Courtenay, as well as the Courtenay family being an important dynasty in the Middle Ages, both in France and in England, where they are

  • Hachi (Japanese) - Eight; Also means a bee or flowerpot
  • Ivan Petrovich Pavlov
  • Jamie (Hebrew) - Supplanter [English speaking countries]

    Jamie started out as a nickname for James, but has become increasingly popular as a stand-alone name. In the UK Jamie was the 32nd most popular name (for boys) in 2006. There it is most commonly associated with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, the "Naked Chef

  • Kamalnayan (Indian) - The name means The Lord with Lotus Shaped Eyes
  • Kanan (Indian) - Kanan means Garden, Firest
  • Kerry (Gaelic) - Country of the children of Ciar [English speaking countries]

    County Kerry is located in the Munster region of the Republic of Ireland.
    The name of the county may mean "country of the children of Ciar", ciar meaning "dark" and probably implying "dark hair and brown eyes".

  • P.B.
  • Punnoose (Indian) - An Indian name goven to Boys and girls
  • Pyrrha (Greek)
  • Sadhna (Indian) - One who practices a lot, who finds the means
  • Shui (Chinese) - One who is like a water
  • Simran (Indian) - One who meditates
  • Snoozer
  • Speed - Success
  • Stormy
  • Tracey (English) - Thracius' place [English speaking countries]

    Also an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Treasach ('warlike, fierce')

  • Troubles - Lots of trouble.
  • Tuffy
  • Zaire (African) - River [English speaking countries]

    The word "Zaire" is a Portuguese corruption of "nezere," the Kikongo word for "river." Zaire is a former name of the Congo river, and is also the former name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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