Random Names

Male Names
  • Bharadwaja (Indian) - A rishi, father of Yavakrida.
  • Blaine (Gaelic) - Yellow [English speaking countries]
  • Brennus - A supposed king of Britain
  • Chakradhar (Indian) - The bearer and protector; perfect one
  • Crew (English) - A group of workers or mates [English speaking countries]
  • Custennin (Celtic) - Mythical giant
  • Daruk (Indian) - Dark Skinned; One of many names of Shri Krishna signifying his dark skin tone
  • Gargya (Indian) - One who belongs to the family of Ganga.
  • Garrad (English) - Variant of Garret from Gerald rules by the spear.
  • Gilberto (Germanic) - Bright oath [English and Spanish speaking countries]
  • Girjesh (Indian) - King of Mountain; One of the many names of Lord Krishna
  • Gustavo (German) - Stave of the Goths [English speaking countries]
  • Helaku (Native American) - Full of sun
  • Irven (English) - Friend. See also Ervin.
  • Jagajeevan (Indian,Hindu) - Life of the World; Worldly Life; Soul of the world;
  • Jagjivan (Indian,Hindu) - Life of the World; Worldly Life; Soul of the world;
  • Jerel (Hebrew) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Jerel and Jerell are fairly modern coinages of unknown meaning. It is possible that they are modeled after the name Gerald, a name of Germanic origin meaning "spear ruler", however this link it tenuous at best.

  • Jyotidhara (Indian) - Splendour; One of the many names of Lord Shiva signifying his brilliance and divine radiance
  • Kanwamohan (Indian) - The name means Beautiful Prince
  • Kole (English) - Coal; dark one [English speaking countries]
  • Kory (Germanic) - God's peace [English speaking countries]
  • Koushik (Native American) - Love and affection
  • Lenmana (English) - Flute girl (Hopi)
  • MacNab (Scottish) - Son of the Abbot
  • Paxton (English) - Settlement of Poecc [English speaking countries]
  • Purohit (Indian) - The priest of the family
  • Rowdy (English) - Boisterous. Western nickname.
  • Seafraid (English) - Peace from God
  • Shea (Gaelic) - Hawklike - graceful, free, courageous [English speaking countries]

    Can also be a nickname for Seamus.

  • Stefan (Greek) - Crown [English speaking countries]
Female Names
  • Aji (Indian) - Has been adopted into English In the context of Go, a Goat
  • Ashlesha (Indian) - Name of a star
  • Bhaskari (Indian) - Son of the Sun; One who Brings Glory
  • Cayla (Hebrew) - Crown; laurel [English speaking countries]
  • Cicely (English) - From the Latin Cecilia meaning blind. The blind St. Cecilie - patron saint of music - was a talented musician.
  • Erika (Norse) - Eternal ruler [Czech, Danish, English, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Slovak and Swedish speaking countries]
  • Harishri (Indian) - Hindu Godess
  • Jaren (Hebrew) - He will sing [English speaking countries]
  • Jessemy (Hebrew) - Flower: sensitive, and fragile.
  • Jock (French) - God has been gracious: has shown favor. Based on John or Jacques.
  • Juana (Hebrew) - God has been gracious [English and Spanish speaking countries]
  • Kaidance - Rythm
  • Kesavaraj (Indian) - Kesava means She of the Beautiful Hair
  • Lanica (United States) - Chief of heaven
  • Lavena (English) - Joy
  • Lucky (Greek) - Fortunate. Lucky is also used as a nickname for Lucas and its variants.
  • Maci (English) - Place of Maccius [English speaking countries]
  • Maegan (Greek) - Pearl [English speaking countries]

    Modern trendy American English respelling of the classic Megan.

  • Michal (Hebrew) - Who is like God? Feminine of Michael. Biblical Michal was King Saul's daughter and first wife of David.
  • Mocaniya (Indian) - A woman who is benevolent, generous. Possess or manifest love for mankind.
  • Pahmagandhi (Indian) - One who smells like Lotus flower
  • Parina (Indian) - Fairy; Angel; One who is filled with goodness and is like a life savior
  • Ramsay (Spanish) - From Ram's island
  • Rini (Japanese) - One who is like a little sweet bunny
  • Riya (Indian) - Singer [English, Hindi and Indonesian speaking countries]

    Although often times this name is referenced as being Sanskrit in origin, there isn't anything to support that it actually does. It is indian in origin, however, although it's true etymology is very cloudy.

    Riya is one of the many names of

  • Roberta (Germanic) - Bright fame [English speaking countries]
  • Sadie (Irish)
  • Skidatel (Scottish)
  • Yakira (Hebrew) - Precious; dear [English and Hebrew speaking countries]
  • Yosefa (Hebrew) - He will enlarge [English and Hebrew speaking countries]
Gender Neutral Names
  • Ashley (English) - Ash wood [English speaking countries]

    A place name and surname from the Old English words '├Žsc' (ash) and 'leah' (wood). This name transferred from surname to male first name but in recent decades has become increasingly popular for girls.

  • Braiden (English) - Broad, wide [English speaking countries]
  • Cain (Hebrew) - A spear [English and Welsh speaking countries]

    Cain has four separate origins. From the Hebrew, it means 'a spear'. In Jewish, Christian and Islamic tradition, Cain was the world's first murderer. In Welsh Cain is a feminine name meaning 'beautiful' or 'fair' (this usage is completely unrelated to the

  • Dione (Greek)
  • Drew (Greek) - Man, warrior [English speaking countries]
  • Hazard
  • Itchy
  • Jalen (Arabic) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Jalon, Jalen, Jaylen, Jaylyn, Jalin and their counterparts are modern trendy creations without any true meaning. Could possibly have been modeled after the classic, Jason or perhaps be a combination of two separate names, such as Jay and Lynn, or Jane and

  • Jimmi (English,Australian) - coomunicative , out going, positive and full of energy people who struggle hard to achieve their goals. They love travelling, friendship and new things.
  • Jody (Hebrew) - Of Judea [English speaking countries]

    Jody, along with it's variant Jodie, have both been traditionally used for boys and girls.

    The main character in Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings classic Pulitzer Prize winning book "The Yearling" was 11 year old Jody Baxter, a boy who lived in the

  • Kahuna (Hawaiian) - The name Kahuna means The Hidden Secret
  • Kaine (Hebrew) - A spear [English speaking countries]
  • Karou (Japanese) - Karou means Fragant
  • Keahi (Hawaiian) - The meaning of the name is Fire
  • Lord shiva (Indian) - A Hindu God, Lord Shiva
  • Malaya (Sanskrit) - Sandalwood trees [English and Hindi speaking countries]

    From the name of the country which became Malaysia.
    Malaya is a comination of two Tamil words, Malay or Malai (hill) and ur (town); thus meaning "hilltown".

    Next to this it is also in use as a firstname.

  • Michi (Japanese) - the upright path.
  • Mighty Mouse
  • Moketoveto - Black kettle (Cheyenne)
  • Nayanish (Indian) - The boundary of the multitude.
  • Odika (Indian) - Anklet; A decorative jewelery worn in anklets by women
  • Ravyn - Dark haired or wise
  • Ren (Japanese) - The love of the lotus
  • Ricki (French) - Strong power; hardy power [English speaking countries]
  • Sage (English) - Aromatic herb; wise [English speaking countries]
  • Tanis (Russian) - Serpent lady
  • Teague - Poet: Handsome.
  • Thestius (Greek)
  • Thom (Greek) - Derives from Thomas Twin.
  • Tux
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