Indonesian Names

Male Names
  • Malik (Arabic) - King; owner [Arabic and English speaking countries]

    Malik is an Arabic name meaning "he who owns", "king" or "master". It is also an Arabian title. A Malik is the ruling Monarch of a kingdom, called "mamlaka".

    In Islamic belief, it is also one of the "99 Names of Allah", and is then al-Mali

Female Names
  • Amisha (Indian) - Truthful [English speaking countries]

    Feminine form of Amish.

  • Anisha (Indian) - Constant; unceasing [English speaking countries]
  • Riya (Indian) - Singer [English, Hindi and Indonesian speaking countries]

    Although often times this name is referenced as being Sanskrit in origin, there isn't anything to support that it actually does. It is indian in origin, however, although it's true etymology is very cloudy.

    Riya is one of the many names of

Gender Neutral Names