Names that Starts With "W"

Male Names
  • Wacfeld (English) - From Wake's field
  • Wacuman (English) - Watchman
  • Wade (English) - Advancer: Medieval given name from Scandinavian mythology. Also English surname referring to a water crossing.
  • Wade (English) - Ford; to go [English speaking countries]
  • Wadim (Russian,Romanian) - Romanian form of Vadim, probably meaning knowing one.
  • Waefreleah (English) - From the quaking aspen tree meadow
  • Waescburne (English) - From the flooding brook
  • Wahkan (Native American) - Sacred (Sioux)
  • Waite (English) - Guard
  • Wakeley (English) - From Wake's meadow
  • Wakler (English) - Thickener of cloth
  • Walby (English) - From the Welshman's dwellings
  • Waldemar (German) - Famous ruler
  • Walden (German,Swiss) - Mighty
  • Waldhramm (German) - Ruling raven
  • Waldo (English) - Powerful. Abbreviation of Oswald.
  • Waldron (English) - From the Welshman's hill
  • Walford (English) - From the Welshman's ford
  • Walker (English) - A fuller [English speaking countries]

    Walker-on-Tyne is a village in north-east England. There are also five US cities named Walker. Additionally, "Walker, Texas Ranger" was a popular American television show for many years.

    Walker is a common occupational surname and the mid

  • Wallace (German) - A Welshman
  • Wallace (French) - Foreigner [English speaking countries]
  • Wallache (German) - A Welshman
  • Wallis (English) - From Wales
  • Wally (Germanic) - Ruler of the army [English speaking countries]
  • Walsh (English) - From Wales
  • Walter (Germanic) - Ruler of the army [English speaking countries]

    From the combination of the Germanic elements "rule" and "army".

    Famous Walters include journalist Walter Cronkite, author Walter Scott, explorer and sailor Walter Raleigh. Animator Walt Disney was a Walter.

  • Walthari (German) - Powerful ruler
  • Walworth (English) - From the Welshman's farm
  • Wambli waste (Native American) - Good eagle (Dakota)
  • Wanikiy (Native American) - Savior (Sioux)
  • Wapi (Native American) - Lucky
  • Ward (English) - Guard
  • Warden (English) - Guard
  • Wareine (English) - Gamekeeper
  • Warford (English) - From the farm by the weir
  • Warner (German) - Defending warrior
  • Warren (English) - Gamekeeper Defender.
  • Warren (Germanic) - Guard; the game park [English speaking countries]

    Name borne by the 29th US President, Warren Gamaliel Harding. Other famous bearers include Rapper Warren G., film star Warren Beatty, rock star Warren Zevon and philanthropist Warren Buffet.

    The Warren Commission was the unofficial name of

  • Wartun (English) - From the farm by the weir
  • Washburne (English) - From the flooding brook
  • Wat (English) - Hurdle
  • Wattikinson (English) - Son of Watt
  • Waverly (English) - From the quaking aspen tree meadow
  • Wayland (English) - From the land by the highway. The mythological Scandinavian Wayland was a blacksmith with supernatural powers.
  • Waylon (English) - Land by the road [English speaking countries]

    Waylon might be derived from a surname, from a place name meaning "land by the road".
    It might also be a variant of Wayland and derived from an Old English name, possibly meanig "land of war".

  • Wayne (English) - A cartwright [English speaking countries]

    Wayne Rooney and Wayne Bridge are English football or soccer players. Wayne Gretzky is a former Canadian ice-hockey player and Wayne Newton is a singer.

  • Wayson - Courage, most strong man, lovely, moonlight.
  • Weallere (English) - Mason
  • Weayaya (Native American) - Setting sun (Sioux)
  • Webber (German) - Weaver
  • Webster (English) - Weaver.: -ster ending on English occupational surnames indicates the work was originally a female occupation.
  • Weirley (English) - From the weir meadow
  • Welby (English) - From the spring farm
  • Weldon (English) - From the spring hill
  • Wellington - From the wealthy estate
  • Wendall (English) - Traveler: wanderer.
  • Wendel (Germanic) - A Wend [English speaking countries]
  • Wendell (Germanic) - A Wend [English speaking countries]

    The Wend were a Slavic people; this surname came from the Germanic personal name Wendel.

  • Wendell (Swiss) - A wend
  • Werian - Defends
  • Wesley (English) - From the west meadow
  • Wesley (English) - Western meadow [English speaking countries]

    Historically, Wesley was used in memory of the founders of the Methodist church, John and Charles Wesley. At first, it was principally used by Methodists, but it has since spread to general use.

    Famous bearers include actor Wesley Snipes,

  • Westbroc (English) - From the west brook
  • Westcott (English) - From the west cottage
  • Westley (English) - From the west meadow
  • Westley (English) - Western meadow [English speaking countries]

    Westley is a main character in William Goldman's fantasy novel "The Princess Bride" (1973) and the subsequent Rob Reiner film (1987). The dashing hero Westley was brought to the screen by British actor Cary Elwes.

  • Weston (English) - West enclosure; west settlement [English speaking countries]
  • Wetherly (English) - From the wether sheep meadow
  • Weyland (English) - From the land by the highway
  • Wheatley (English) - From the wheat meadow
  • Whitcomb (English) - From the white hollow
  • Whitlock (English) - Blond
  • Whitney (English) - From the white haired man's estate
  • Wiatt (French) - Guide
  • Wichamm (English) - From the village meadow
  • Wiellaford (English) - From the spring by the ford
  • Wigmaere (English) - Famous in battle
  • Wilbart (German) - Resolute or brilliant
  • Wilbert (English) - Willful: bright.
  • Wilbert (Germanic) - Will, desire + bright, famous [English speaking countries]
  • Wilbur (English) - Will; desire and fortress [English speaking countries]
  • Wilbur (Swiss) - Bright resolve
  • Wilburn (German) - Willful: bright.
  • Wild Child
  • Wiley (English) - Well-watered meadow.
  • Wilfred (German) - Resolute or peaceful
  • Wilfred (English) - A wish for peace [English speaking countries]
  • Wilfredo (English) - A wish for peace [English speaking countries]
  • Wilfrid (German) - Resolute or peaceful
  • Wilhelm (German) - German form of William
  • Will Ferrell
  • Willaburh (English) - From the strong fortress
  • Willard (English) - Resolute or brave
  • Willard (Germanic) - Will, desire + hardy, brave, strong [English speaking countries]
  • Willard (Swiss) - Bold resolve
  • Willem (Germanic) - Will, desire + helmet, protection [Dutch, English and Swedish speaking countries]
  • Willermus (German,Swiss) - Determined guardian
  • William (German) - Resolute protector: will. For a long time after the Norman conquest in A.D. 1066 many English boys were given some form of William the Conquer's name. William. The firstborn son of Prince Charles is named William.
  • William (Germanic) - Will, desire + helmet, protection [English speaking countries]

    William comes from the Germanic elements 'wil' (will, desire) and 'helm' (helmet, protection). It was the 10th most popular name for boys in the US in 2006, and the 7th most popular in the UK.

    There have been many rulers named William, incl

  • Williams (German) - Resolute protector: will. Surname.
  • Willie (Germanic) - Will, desire + helmet, protection [English speaking countries]
  • Willifrid (German) - Resolute or peaceful
  • Willis (Germanic) - Will, desire + helmet, protection [English speaking countries]
  • Willmar (German) - Resolute or famous
  • Wilmer (English) - Resolute: famous.
  • Wilson (English) - Son of William [English speaking countries]

    Wilson is a common surname found rarely as a personal name. Famous bearers include 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, 40th president Ronald Wilson Reagan and R&B rock and roll singer Wilson Pickett.

    Wilson is also an Ameri

  • Winchell - Drawer of water
  • Windham (English) - From the windy viIlage
  • Winefield (English) - From a friend's field
  • Winfield (English) - Stone marker of friendship. Surname.
  • Wingate (English) - From the winding gate
  • Winn (English) - Friend
  • Winslow (English) - Stone marker of friendship. Surname.
  • Winston
  • Winston (English) - Joy stone; Win-'s settlement [English speaking countries]

    Winston was the first name of British prime minister Winston Churchill. His ancestor - John Churchill, the first Duke of Marlborough's father was named Winston, as it was the maiden name of this Winston Churchill's mother, Sarah Winston.


  • Winter (English) - Born in the winter
  • Winton (English) - From Wine's farm
  • Wireceaster (English) - From the alder forest army camp
  • Wisnu (Indian) - God of preserver.
  • Witta (English) - Wise
  • Witton (English) - From the wise man's estate
  • Wohehiv (Native American) - Dull knife (Cheyenne)
  • Wolf
  • Wolfgang (German) - Advancing wolf
  • Wolfgang (German,Swiss) - Wolf strife
  • Wolfrik (German) - Wolf ruler
  • Woodruff (English) - Bailiff
  • Woody the Woodpecker
  • Woolsey (English) - Victorious wolf
  • Wordsworth (English) - World guardian
  • Worth (English) - From the farm
  • Wright - Tradesman
  • Wselfwulf - Wolf of slaughter
  • Wulfcot (English) - Lives in Wolfe's cottage
  • Wulfhere - Name of a king
  • Wyatt (English) - Guide
  • Wyatt (English) - Brave/strong/hardy war [English speaking countries]

    Historically, Wyatt was predominantly used only as a surname, though it occasionally made an appearance as a first name (e.g. the American cowboy Wyatt Earp). It is now very popular as a first name in the U.S.

  • WyIltun (English) - From the farm by the spring
  • Wylingford (English) - From the willow ford
  • Wynchell - Drawer of water
  • Wyne - Friend
  • Wynn (English) - Friend. Variants are English surnames in rare use as given names.
  • Wynono (Native American) - First born
  • Wynter (English) - Winter [English speaking countries]

    Modern respelling of Winter. Popularized in part by MTV's television show "Liquid Televison" on which a puppet character was named Wynter Steel.

  • Wynton (English) - Friend. Surname.
  • Wyth (English) - From the willow tree
Female Names
  • Waleis (Romanian) - One belonging from Wales.
  • Waltraud (Swiss) - Rule strength
  • Wanda (Slavonic) - N/A [English and Polish speaking countries]

    Of uncertain etymology, Wanda is generally believed to be of Germanic origin, perhaps from 'vond' (wand, stem, young tree) or from Wend, a term denoting a member of the old Slavic people who now live in an enclave south of Berlin.


  • Wande (German) - Wanderer
  • Wanetta (Romanian) - A pale and fair woman.
  • Wangi (Indonesian) - Fragrant
  • Wednesday (English) - Woden's Day [English speaking countries]

    Wednesday Addams was the name of a character in the popular American cartoon/sitcom/movies "The Addams Family" about a supernatural family living in suburbia.

  • Welss (English) - From the west
  • Wenda (English) - Comely
  • Wenda (Literary) - Friend [English speaking countries]
  • Wendi (English) - Literary: a created name that first appeared in James Banie's Peter Pan.
  • Wendi (Literary) - Friend [English speaking countries]

    A respelling of Wendy.

  • Wendie (Literary) - Friend [English speaking countries]

    A respelling of Wendy.

  • Wendy (Literary) - Friend [English speaking countries]

    Author J.M. Barrie created the name Wendy for "Peter Pan." Wendy is meant to serve as the word "friend", and inspired by childish lisps. Wendy is sometimes thought to be a nickname for Gwendoline.

  • Wening (Indonesian) - Quiet
  • Wenona (Native American) - Firstborn daughter
  • Whitnee (English) - White island [English speaking countries]

    A respelling of Whitney.

  • Whitnei - Dainty
  • Wido (German) - Warrior maiden
  • Wilda (German) - Untamed
  • Wilda (Germanic) - To strive [English speaking countries]
  • Wilde (German) - Untamed
  • Wilhelmina (Germanic) - Will, desire + helmet, protection [English, German and Polish speaking countries]

    Wilhelmina is the feminine equivalent of the masculine Wilhelm, the German cognate of English William. The name comes from the Germanic elements 'wil' (will, desire) and 'helm' (helmet, protection). This German name became used in English-speaking countri

  • Wilhelmine (Germanic) - Will, desire + helmet, protection [Dutch, English and German speaking countries]
  • Willa (Germanic) - Will, desire + helmet, protection [English speaking countries]
  • Willa (Romanian) - One who is firm and resolute.
  • Willemina (Germanic) - Will, desire + helmet, protection [English speaking countries]
  • Wilma (Germanic) - Will, desire + helmet, protection [English speaking countries]
  • Wilma (German) - Resolute protector. Feminine variant of William.
  • Wilone - Hoped for
  • Winifride (German) - Peaceful friend
  • Winnifred (Welsh) - Blessed peace; fair reconciliation [English speaking countries]
  • Winona (English) - Eldest daughter [English speaking countries]
  • Withypoll (Romanian) - The twighead.
  • Wren (English) - Wren [English speaking countries]
  • Wulan (Indonesian) - The moon
  • Wuti (Native American) - Woman (Hopi)
Gender Neutral Names
  • Wags
  • Waterford
  • Watson
  • Waverley (English) - Quaking aspen [English speaking countries]
  • Waverly (English) - Quaking aspen [English speaking countries]
  • Weasel
  • Weedeater
  • Whale
  • Whiskers
  • Whitie
  • Whitley (English) - White wood; white clearing [English speaking countries]
  • Whitney (English) - White island [English speaking countries]

    Whitney Houston is an American singer and actress. Whitney Young was a male American civil rights leader.

  • Whiz O
  • Wicket
  • Will (Germanic) - Will, desire + helmet, protection [English speaking countries]

    Will is a common nickname for any names starting in "Will/Wil" such as Willard, William, Willem, Wilson or Wilford.

    Famous bearers include lead character Will Turner played by Orlando Bloom in Disney's "Pirates of the Carribean" series, Co

  • William Tecumseh Sherman
  • Willow (English) - Willow [English speaking countries]

    Comes from the Willow tree. Also, is the name of two iconic science-fiction characters. The male title-character of the movie "Willow" and the female best-friend of Buffy from the television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

  • Willow
  • Wimpie
  • Winn (English) - Friend [English speaking countries]
  • Winnie (Welsh) - Blessed peace; fair reconciliation [English speaking countries]

    Winnie the Pooh is a central character in A.A. Milne's children's stories involving the Hundred Acre Woods which he had written for his son. Winnie was also a main love interest for the main character in the popular American sitcom The Wonder Years.

  • Winter (English) - Winter [English speaking countries]

    The middle name of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's firstborn daughter, Harlow Winter Kate Madden.

  • Wodeleah (Romanian) - One from the wooded meadow
  • Wrangler
  • Wynne (English) - Friend [English and Welsh speaking countries]