Easter Names

Male Names
  • Dominic (Latin) - Lord [English speaking countries]

    St Dominic was the founder of the Dominican religious order. Santo Domingo (St Dominic) is the capital of the Dominican Republic. dominic is a name traditionally given to children born on Sunday in reference to its "holiness".

    Operation Dom

Female Names
  • April (Latin) - Open [English speaking countries]

    April was not taken up as a name until the 20th century, possibly inspired by the French Avril, seen as a variant of Averil.

    April 1 is April Fool's Day, when people play light-hearted jokes and hoaxes on one another.

  • Avril (French) - April [English speaking countries]

    The French word for "April." Popularized recently by singer Avril Lavigne.

  • Genesis (Greek) - Beginning; birth [English speaking countries]

    The first book of the Torah and the Old Testament.

  • Lily (English) - Lily [English speaking countries]

    Lily is the name of a flower and is ultimately derived from the Latin word lilium. They are often showy, with a noticeable scent and long stamens. 'Lily' is also used in the names of other plants such as the water lily (Latin name Nymphaeaceae) - which fl

  • Tahlia (Hebrew) - Dew of God; female lamb [English speaking countries]
Gender Neutral Names
  • Talia (Hebrew) - Dew of God; female lamb [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    Variant spelling of Talya, a Hebrew name meaning "dew of God", and "female lamb."

    It can also be taken as a variant spelling of Greek Thalia in countries where Thalia is pronounced Talia.

    It is also a nickname for Natalia.