Calendar Names

Male Names
  • August (Latin) - Venerated [English, German and Polish speaking countries]

    In the modern English speaking world, August is better known as the name of a month rather than a first name. It appeared with relative frequency in the Victorian era, but has since essentially disappeared from use. "August" is still used as an adjecti

Female Names
  • April (Latin) - Open [English speaking countries]

    April was not taken up as a name until the 20th century, possibly inspired by the French Avril, seen as a variant of Averil.

    April 1 is April Fool's Day, when people play light-hearted jokes and hoaxes on one another.

  • Autumn (English) - Autumn [English speaking countries]

    One of the four seasons, known as 'fall' in North America. As part of Vivaldi's 'Four seasons' concerto set, Autumn is in F major, and features the harvest and the hunt.

  • Avril (French) - April [English speaking countries]

    The French word for "April." Popularized recently by singer Avril Lavigne.

  • Dawn (English) - Sunrise, daybreak [English speaking countries]

    Dawn was an extremely popular name in the 1960s and 70s. The multiple pronunciations listed cover a range of accents.

  • June (English) - The sixth month of the year [English speaking countries]
  • Summer (English) - Summer [English speaking countries]

    This season name was recently used for the name of a character on the TV series 'The OC'.

  • Wednesday (English) - Woden's Day [English speaking countries]

    Wednesday Addams was the name of a character in the popular American cartoon/sitcom/movies "The Addams Family" about a supernatural family living in suburbia.

Gender Neutral Names
  • Valentine (Latin) - Healthy, strong [English and French speaking countries]

    English masculine form of the Latin 'Valentinus', meaning "strong, healthy".
    It is also the French feminine form of the name (pronounced [val en TEEN]).

    Valentine's Day is a conventional holiday to celebrate sweethearts and love and

  • Winter (English) - Winter [English speaking countries]

    The middle name of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's firstborn daughter, Harlow Winter Kate Madden.