Basque Names

Male Names
  • Nikola (Greek) - Victory of the people [Croatian, English and Serbian speaking countries]
  • Xavier (Basque) - New house [English, French and Spanish speaking countries]

    Xavier comes from the Basque place name "Etcheberria," which means "the new house." Though traditionally a Roman Catholic name, Xavier has grown to be one of the top 100 boys names in the U.S.

    St Francis Xavier was the founder of the Jesu

Female Names
  • Amaya (Spanish) - High place [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    The name of a heroine of traditional Basque stories of the knight Teodosio de Goni.

  • Anne (Hebrew) - Grace; favour [English, French and Norwegian speaking countries]

    Anne gained popularity through the belief that St Anne was the mother of the Virgin Mary. There is no Biblical basis for this, though Anna is one of the people who meets the infant Jesus at the Temple of Jerusalem.

    Anne is the name of vari

  • Lourdes (Basque) - Craggy slope [English speaking countries]

    Lourdes is a city in France where the Virgin Mary is believed to have revealed herself.

Gender Neutral Names
  • Maya (Greek) - Uncertain, perhaps mother or great one [English, French, Hindi, Japanese and Spanish speaking countries]

    Maya is mostly taken in English-speaking countries as a variant of the mythological name Maia, usage influenced by the common English word and name "May".

    It is also the Spanish form of the name, and a common pet form of Amalia.