Pakistani Names

Male Names
  • Malik (Arabic) - King; owner [Arabic and English speaking countries]

    Malik is an Arabic name meaning "he who owns", "king" or "master". It is also an Arabian title. A Malik is the ruling Monarch of a kingdom, called "mamlaka".

    In Islamic belief, it is also one of the "99 Names of Allah", and is then al-Mali

  • Muhammad (Arabic) - Praised one; praiseworthy [Arabic and English speaking countries]

    From the Arabic "hamida" (to praise).
    The name, one of the most popular in the Muslim world, was borne by the Arabic Prophet and founder of Islam.

  • Raheem (Persian) - Merciful, kind, compassionate [Arabic and English speaking countries]
Female Names
  • Malika (Arabic) - Queen [African, Arabic, English, Hindi, Hungarian and Swahili speaking countries]

    Malika is the female derivation of Malik, a term of Arabic origin used in Persia as the title for a Queen consort (i.e. not ruling, although Islamic tradition does not forbid this to women). Frequently also used as part of a lady's name.


Gender Neutral Names