Slavic Names

Male Names
  • Danilo (Hebrew) - God is my judge [English, Italian, Portuguese, Serbian and Spanish speaking countries]
  • Milo (Germanic) - Uncertain, perhaps peaceful [English speaking countries]

    The name Milo is of uncertain derivation.

    Of Germanic origin, adopted by the French as Milon, and established in English-speaking countries as Miles.

    Milo might come from the German 'mild' (mild, peaceful, calm), which is d

Female Names
  • Alena (Gaelic) - Rock [English speaking countries]

    Variant of Alaina or Alina.

    St Alena was a Belgian martyr.

  • Jana (Hebrew) - God is gracious [African, English, German and Swahili speaking countries]
  • Marika (Hebrew) - Uncertain, maybe bitter [Czech, English, Hungarian, Japanese and Slovak speaking countries]

    Slavic pet form of Maria. Marika is also a Japanese name for which the characters reading "jasmine" may be used.

  • Wanda (Slavonic) - N/A [English and Polish speaking countries]

    Of uncertain etymology, Wanda is generally believed to be of Germanic origin, perhaps from 'vond' (wand, stem, young tree) or from Wend, a term denoting a member of the old Slavic people who now live in an enclave south of Berlin.


  • Zaria (Russian) - Sunrise [English speaking countries]

    Zarya (ZAHR yah) is the Russian word for "sunrise."

    Zaria or Zoria is the goddess of beauty in Slavic mythology. A once-popular goddess also associated with the morning, Zaria was known to her worshippers as "the heavenly bride." She was gr

  • Zenobia (Greek) - The life of Zeus [English and Polish speaking countries]

    In history, Zenobia of Palmyra was a North African queen descended from Cleopatra who campaigned through much of North Africa before being defeated by Rome.

    Zenobia was the name of a character who drowned herself in Nathaniel Hawthorne's "B

Gender Neutral Names