Polynesian Names

Male Names
  • Lucas (Greek) - Man from Lucania [Dutch, English, French, Persian and Spanish speaking countries]
  • Taine (Norse) - Man; god of the forests [English speaking countries]

    An Anglicised form of the Maori name Tane, however Taine itself is not Maori.

Female Names
Gender Neutral Names
  • Alana (Gaelic) - Rock [English and Hawaiian speaking countries]

    The Latin feminine form of Alan, but a unisex name in Hawaiian.

    The name is borne by actress Alana de la Garza.

  • Ira (Hebrew) - Watchful [English, German and Hindi speaking countries]

    In the Bible Ira is King David's priest. Popular in the early part of the twentieth century it has since become rare. This is said EYE rah.

    It is also used as a female name in Germany and other European countries. This use comes from it be

  • Kala (Sanskrit) - The fine arts [English, Hindi and Hawaiian speaking countries]

    Unisex as a Hawaiian name. In this case it is also written with a macron accent (a straight horizontal line) over the second 'a'.
    The Sanskrit female name Kala (pronounced with a long final vowel a) is also the name of the Goddess of fine arts, and

  • Makala (Hawaiian) - To loosen; to set at liberty; to remit [English and Hawaiian speaking countries]

    With a long first 'a' (maa KAH leh) this could mean 'myrtle'.