Nordic Names

Male Names
  • Hans (Hebrew) - God is gracious [English speaking countries]
  • Leif (Norse) - Descendant [English speaking countries]
Female Names
  • Astrid (Norse) - God + fair, beautiful [Dutch, English, German, Norwegian and Swedish speaking countries]

    Compound name, from the elements 'as', which relates to the Aesir [a group of gods formed around Odin] and 'trud', 'fair' or 'beautiful'. It was the name of one of the Valkyries.

  • Freya (Norse) - Woman [English speaking countries]

    Freya may be taken as a variant of Freyja, name of a Nordic Earth goddess. Twin sister of Freyr, Freyja is the goddess of fertility and birth, also associated with death and the underworld. She is also a goddess of love and sexuality, of gold and silver.

Gender Neutral Names
  • Kari (Norse) - Gust of wind; curly-haired [English, Norwegian and Icelandic speaking countries]

    As a female name, Kari is the Norwegian form of Katherine, or the short form of the name Karita (Scandinavian form of Charity).

    Kari is also an old Scandinavian boys' name, from the Old Norse meaning "gust of wind; curly-haired". According

  • Tory (Latin) - Conqueror; victory [English speaking countries]

    For girls this is usually a nickname for Victoria, but for boys it is derived from the Scandinavian name Thorir.