Fun Names

Male Names
  • Ace (Latin) - One; one unit [English speaking countries]

    "Ace" comes from the Latin "as," which was the name for a small-denomination Roman coin. In English vernacular, an "ace" is a very skilled person; it is also synonymous with "cool," in UK usage. "Ace" can also be: a suit of playing cards; a fighter pilot

  • Beau (French) - Handsome [English speaking countries]

    French word for "handsome" (and therefore never used in French spaking countires as a given name) and American slang for "boyfriend". Its use as a first name likely came from a shortening of a surname such as Beauchamp or Beaufort in order to honor someon

  • Bo (French) - Handsome [English speaking countries]

    Possibly a respelling of Beau meaning "handsome." Also a nickname for Boaz which means "fleetness."

  • Buddy (English) - Thickset person; beetle [English speaking countries]

    Buddy may be taken as a variant of the surname Budd.
    It is also the English vocabulary word for "a good friend".
    Drummer Buddy Rich, ground dbreaking rock-n-roller Buddy Holly, actor and comedian Buddy Hackett, actor Buddy Ebsen and baseball

  • Rocky (English) - Stone; stoney, craggy [English speaking countries]

    Although Rocky could possibly have been adopted as a playful form of the name Rocco, it more than likely is utilized because of its existence as a noun. The name gained popularity as a given name over a nickname when the Sylvester Stallone movie "Rocky" c

  • Rusty (Gaelic) - Rusty, full of rust [English speaking countries]

    This is a nick name or pet name for a person who's given name is Russel. It is also given sometimes as a pet name for one with red hair. Seldom used as a given name on it's own, Rusty charted on the Top 1000 names from 1940 to 1995.

  • Sonny (English) - Son [English speaking countries]

    Diminutive for "my son". Also used as an English equivilant for the Italian name, Sandro, which itself is a version of Alexander meaning "defending man."

Female Names
  • Coco (French) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Coco was the nickname of fashion designer Coco Chanel (born as Gabrielle Chanel). Coco Arquette is the daughter of actors Courtney Cox and David Arquette.

    In France, Coco is a common name for parrots, in reference to the sounds they make.

  • Fanny (Latin) - From France [English and French speaking countries]

    Fanny is a diminutive form of Frances, and so the English equivalent of the French Fran├žoise. Due to its slang meanings in the USA and UK (meaning "rear end" or "bum") it is rarely found on anyone under the age of about 80.

  • Sunny (English) - Filled with sunlight [English speaking countries]
  • Tawny (English) - Tawny, tanned [English speaking countries]

    Tawny describes a tan or ruddy color. Usually used in reference to the color of an animal's fur. It can be used as a nickname for the name Tanya or Tonya.

    Tawny Kitaen is an American model and actress who was famous in the 1980's, particul

Gender Neutral Names
  • Dusty (English) - Full of dust [English speaking countries]

    Dusty is a common nickname for the given name Dustin, but is sometimes used on its own as a given name for both males and females.

    Dusty Springfield was a successful british pop music singer in the 1960's.

  • Stormy (English) - Violent weather [English speaking countries]