Places Names

Male Names
  • Aden (Gaelic) - Little fire [English speaking countries]

    Modern respelling of Aidan.

  • Alton (English) - Old town [English speaking countries]

    From the Old English elements 'ald' (old) and 'tun' (town, village).

  • Austin (Latin) - Venerated [English speaking countries]

    A contracted form of Augustine and originally a surname. Austin is a city in Texas. Austin was a British car manufacturer, that was later called the British Motor Corporation. They were responsible for the first Mini and later the Austin Rover group.

  • Boston (English) - Botolph's town [English speaking countries]

    Boston is the capital of Massachusetts, USA. Its name is a contraction of "Botolph's town"; St. Botolph is an English patron saint of farmers and the Danish patron saint of travellers.

  • Bradford (English) - Broad ford [English speaking countries]

    Surname from the Old English words 'brad' (broad) and 'ford' (ford). Several places in England bear this name, the largest being a city in West Yorkshire.

  • Brandon (English) - Broom hill [English speaking countries]

    Originally a surname which was derived from a place name meaning "broom hill" in Old English. Brandon is the name of the second-largest city in the Canadian province of Manitoba, and is the name of several towns throughout the U.S. and U.K.

  • Branson (Germanic) - Sword [English speaking countries]

    Most known as the name of a popular tourist town in Missouri.

  • Braxton (English) - Bracc's settlement [English speaking countries]
  • Brent (English) - Burnt; steep [English speaking countries]

    Originated as a surname for those who lived by or in an area that had been burned. Also comes from a old Celtic word that meant "steep" or "steep hill" and was granted to those living on one.

    It was also a reference to those who had been

  • Brenton (English) - Settlement associated with Bryni [English speaking countries]
  • Camden (English) - Uncertain, perhaps "winding valley" [English speaking countries]

    A place name used as both surname and, occasionally, first name, possibly meaning 'winding valley'. Camden is a famously bohemian area of London.

  • Carlton (English) - Peasants' town [English speaking countries]
  • Carson (Gaelic) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Many Western U.S. cities and towns are called "Carson" after American explorer and frontiersman Kit Carson.

  • Cary (English) - Uncertain; possibly pleasant stream [English speaking countries]

    At first a placename based on the Celtic name of a nearby river it later made the transfer to surname and finally in the twentieth century to given name.

  • Chad (English) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Chad is a country in central Africa. Lake Chad is a large wetland area in the country.

    St Chad was an early English saint, who was Bishop of Northumbria and later Bishop of Mercia.

  • Chadwick (English) - Ceadda's dairy farm [English speaking countries]
  • Chester (Latin) - Camp; fort [English speaking countries]

    Chester is rarely used in modern times, although it is probably due for a comeback. Chet or Chas/Chaz are common nicknames for Chester. It is also found as a surname, where it likely originated designating someone who lived near or worked in a camp, fort

  • Clarence (English) - Of Clare [English speaking countries]

    Based on Clarensis, a Latinisation which meant 'of Clare' or 'property of Clare'. It was the name of a dukedom created in 1362 by king Edward III for his son Lionel. The dukedom was named for the heiress of the Clare family whom Lionel married. Clarence c

  • Clark (English) - Man of learning; clerk [English speaking countries]

    Clark is a common surname and appears in several American place names. It was the middle name of 31st American President, Herbert Clark Hoover.

    Clark Gable was an Academy-award winning actor, famous for his role of Rhett Butler in 'Gone wit

  • Clayton (English) - Clay settlment [English speaking countries]
  • Cleveland (English) - Slope land [English speaking countries]

    English habituation surname that became, at one point, popular to use as a first name. Currently, Cleveland is well known as the most populous city in the state of Ohio, as well as being home to the Rock and Toll Hall of Fame.

    Famous bearer

  • Clifton (English) - Slope settlement [English speaking countries]
  • Clinton (English) - Settlement on the river Glyme [English speaking countries]

    Could also mean 'fence settlement' from old English.

    Famous bearers include American President Bill Clinton and his wife, Secretary of State, Hilary Rodham Clinton, funk musician George Clinton.

  • Clyde (Gaelic) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    A river in Scotland. The Gaelic name is Cluaidh.

    It may mean "warm" as in Welsh clyd, "snug", or perhaps it has the more appropriate meaning of "powerful enough to be heard from a distance".

  • Corbin (Gaelic) - A steep hill [English speaking countries]

    In 'Le Morte Darthur' by Thomas Malory, the Holy Grail is found in the Castle of Corbin or Corbenic.

    Corbin Bleu is an American actor.

  • Coty (French) - Riverbank [English speaking countries]
  • Darwin (English) - Dear friend [English speaking countries]

    From the Old English name "Deorwine," "dear friend."

    Most common as a surname, though it has come into popular use as a first name in the U.S. Perhaps the most famous bearer of this name was naturalist Charles Darwin, who authored "The Ori

  • Dayton (English) - Town of the dale; dike enclosure [English speaking countries]

    Could either be derived from Dalton or Deighton hence the different meaning possibilities.

  • Denver (English) - Dane crossing [English speaking countries]
  • Denzell (Cornish) - N/A [English speaking countries]
  • Destin (English) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Destin has no known meaning, and is most likely a variant on the name Dustin. There is a well known tourist destination in Florida called Destin.

  • Dryden (English) - Dry valley [English speaking countries]
  • Elton (English) - Ella's town; eel town [English speaking countries]

    There are many places of this name in England; it is impossible to decide from which the family appellation is derived.
    Multiple origins are considered. It could mean, from the Old English, "Ella's town". Or the derivation might be from the Saxon

  • Eshan (Indian) - Ruler [English and Hindi speaking countries]

    Name associated with Lord Shiva.
    Eshan might also be a town of Judah in the uplands of Hebron (Josh 15:52).

  • Holden (English) - Deep Valley [English speaking countries]

    Holden is an English surname which was first taken from the same English place name. It is made up of the Old English elements 'hol' (deep, hollow) and 'denu' (valley). It is used fairly regularly as a first name in the USA, where it has been in the top 1

  • Houston (English) - Hugh's town [English speaking countries]

    Houston is the name of largest city in the state of Texas, United States.
    Originally a place in Scotland, the name Houston comes from the genitive case of the medieval personal name Hugh and the Middle English 'tune, toun', meaning "settlement, vi

  • Israel (Hebrew) - God wrestler [English speaking countries]

    Transcription of the Hebrew Yisrael which is from the Hebrew words meaning "to struggle; wrestle; contend" and "God". Another suggested meaning is "Prince of God".
    In the Old Testament, when Jacob wrestled with the angel, he received the new name

  • Jackson (English) - Jack's son [English speaking countries]

    Traditionally a surname, Jackson has gained recent popularity as a first name. This rise in popularity is probably due to parents using Jackson as a longer form of the nickname Jack. Jack is traditionally a nickname for the name John.


  • Jericho (Hebrew) - City of moon gods or fragment [English speaking countries]
  • Kanye (African) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Kanye is the name of a town in Botswana. The most famous bearer of this name is rapper Kanye West, but it is unknown whether he was named after the town, or whether his parents invented the name themselves.

  • Keaton (English) - Kite town [English speaking countries]

    Keaton is traditionally a surname, famous bearers include silent film actor Buster Keaton, actress Diane Keaton and actor Michael Keaton (Keaton is a stage name).

  • Kelvin (English) - From the River Clyde [English speaking countries]

    Kelvin is a Scottish name derived from the river Clyde, and Glasgow as an area, Kelvinside, named after it.
    The form of the name has probably been influenced by Melvin.

  • Kent (English) - Uncertain, perhaps "coastal region" [English speaking countries]

    Kent is a county in south-eastern England.

  • Kingston (English) - King's town [English speaking countries]

    This was virtually unknown of as a name prior to No Doubt's Gwen Stefani and Bush singer Gavin Rossdale naming their son this in 2006. They chose the name from their fondness for Kingston, Jamaica.

  • Kirby (Norse) - Church settlement [English speaking countries]
  • Kirkland (English) - Church land [English speaking countries]
  • Kobe (Japanese) - A Japanese city [English speaking countries]

    Kobe is the name of a town in Japan and a last name, but it is not used as a first name there.
    Kobe has been unusually used as a name in the United States in reference to the Japanese town, such as the name of basketball player Kobe Bryant.

  • Kyle (Gaelic) - Strait of water [English and Gaelic speaking countries]

    Kyle is the name of a former district of Ayrshire in Scotland. It is also the term for a narrow strip of water between two islands or between an island and the mainland, as in 'the Kyle of Tongue' on the northern coast.

    It was the 10th most

  • Lester (English) - From Leicester [English speaking countries]

    Likely from the place name, Leicester, or in the 10th century "Ligora caester" more or less meaning Ligora's fort.

  • Lewis (Germanic) - Fame and war [English speaking countries]

    Lewis is a long accepted English spelling of the French name, Louis. It was the 20th most popular boy's name in the UK in 2006 and 2nd in Scotland, but was ranked only 678th in the US. The Isle of Lewis is one of the islands off the west coast of Scotland

  • Lincoln (English) - Lake settlement, lake colony [English speaking countries]

    The original Lincoln is a city in England, although there are now Lincolns all over the world. It was taken as a surname and is now becoming popular as a first name (it was the 300th most popular boy's name in the US in 2006). For those who don't live nea

  • Lorne (English) - N/A [English speaking countries]
  • Lyndon (English) - Lime tree hill [English speaking countries]

    Most famous bearer of this surname turned personal name is 36th President of the United States Lyndon B. Johnson. Other famous bearers include political activist and economist Lyndon LaRouche,

  • Magan (Indian) - Absorbed; engrossed [English and Hindi speaking countries]

    Indian boy name meaning "absorbed", "engrossed".

    Magan was also an ancient region which was referred to in Sumerian cuneiform texts of around 2300 BC as a source of copper and diorite for Mesopotamia. The location of Magan is not known with

  • McKinley (Gaelic) - Son of Fhionnlaoich [English speaking countries]

    From the surname, meaning "son of Finley".

    William McKinley Jr. was the 25th President of the United States; he was assassinated by an anarchist in 1901.

    McKinley also the name of the highest mountain peak in North America -

  • Milan (Czech) - Dear; beloved [Bulgarian, Czech, English, Polish, Serbian, Slovak and Russian speaking countries]

    Short form of Slavic names such as Miloslav, beginning with the element 'mil' (gracious).

    Milan is also the main city of northern Italy, located in the plains of Lombardy.
    Milan's name comes from the Celtic Medelhan, meaning "in th

  • Milton (English) - Settlement by the mill; middle town [English speaking countries]

    Surname derived from the place names; from the Old English middel (middle) and tun (settlement); or mylentun (settlement by the mill).

    The surname is most famous as that of the poet John Milton, and the given name is sometimes bestowed in h

  • Orlando (Germanic) - Famous country [English and Italian speaking countries]

    Italian form of Roland. A character in Shakespeare's play 'As You like It' bears this name, as does a city in Florida.
    Orlando appeared as a central character in a sequence of verse romances from the XVth century onwards, including Orlando Furioso

  • Paxton (English) - Settlement of Poecc [English speaking countries]
  • Peyton (English) - Settlement of Pœga [English speaking countries]
  • Preston (English) - Priest settlement [English speaking countries]

    Preston is a city in Lancashire, England on the River Ribble. It was named Preston either as a result of the lands being owned by York Cathedral, or due to the priory set up by St Wilfrid on the Ribble.

    Preston Burke was the name of a char

  • Ramsey (English) - Wild garlic island [English speaking countries]
  • Remington (English) - Settlement on the boundary stream [English speaking countries]

    Transferred use of the surname, from the place name Rimington in Yorkshire, so called from the old name of the stream on which it stands (Old English Riming "boundary stream") with the Old English tun (enclosure, settlement).

    Remington Stee

  • Rodney (English) - Renown island [English speaking countries]

    Transferred use of the surname, from the place name in Somerset, an area of land in the marshes near Markham.
    This is first recorded in the form Rodenye; it derives from the genitive case of the Old English personal name Hroda (a short form of the

  • Ross (Gaelic) - Bluff or Cliff [English speaking countries]

    Ross is a region of north Scotland. The Ross Ice Shelf is the largest ice shelf in Antarctica, it was named after Captain James Ross who discovered it in 1841. It was the place where James Scott and his party died, having failed to become the first people

  • Sheldon (English) - Protected hill; deep valley [English speaking countries]
  • Shiloh (Hebrew) - Peaceful, tranquil [English speaking countries]

    Shiloh (variant transcription of Shilo) is a Biblical place name. It was a gathering place and sanctuary of the Hebrew at the time of the Judges, between Jericho and Sachem.

    It is also used as a reference to the Messiah, although this is l

  • Trent (English) - Traveller; journey across [English speaking countries]

    The River Trent is an English river that traditionally marked the divide between north and south England. It flows through towns such as Nottingham, Stoke-on-Trent and Burton upon Trent.

  • Trenton (English) - Trent's town [English speaking countries]

    Trenton is the capital city of the state of New Jersey.

  • Troy (French) - Troyes [English speaking countries]

    Troy, as a surname, derives from the French city of Troyes. The ancient Greek island of Troy is, presumably, why Troy has become popular as a first name. The meaning is unknown. The name can also be an anglicisation of the Gaelic Troightheach, which me

  • Tyler (English) - Tile maker; tile layer [English speaking countries]

    Tyler is a city in Texas, presumably named so after John Tyler, the 10th US President.

  • Tyrone (Gaelic) - Land of the noble [English speaking countries]

    From the name of a County in Northern Ireland, meaning "land of Eoghan, land of the noble".

  • Vail (English) - Valley, usually with a stream [English speaking countries]

    Vail is a very popular skiing community in Colorado.

  • Valdez (Spanish) - From the place name in Alaska [English speaking countries]
  • Vincent (Latin) - Conquering [Danish, Dutch, English, French and Swedish speaking countries]

    St Vincent of Saragossa is the patron saint of Lisbon.

    St Vincent and the Grenadines is an island chain in the Lesser Antilles, with St Vincent being the largest island.

    Famous bearers include artist Vincent van Gogh and ac

  • Walker (English) - A fuller [English speaking countries]

    Walker-on-Tyne is a village in north-east England. There are also five US cities named Walker. Additionally, "Walker, Texas Ranger" was a popular American television show for many years.

    Walker is a common occupational surname and the mid

  • Waylon (English) - Land by the road [English speaking countries]

    Waylon might be derived from a surname, from a place name meaning "land by the road".
    It might also be a variant of Wayland and derived from an Old English name, possibly meanig "land of war".

  • Weston (English) - West enclosure; west settlement [English speaking countries]
  • Xavier (Basque) - New house [English, French and Spanish speaking countries]

    Xavier comes from the Basque place name "Etcheberria," which means "the new house." Though traditionally a Roman Catholic name, Xavier has grown to be one of the top 100 boys names in the U.S.

    St Francis Xavier was the founder of the Jesu

  • York (English) - Place of the boars [English speaking countries]
  • Yorke (English) - Place of the boars [English speaking countries]
Female Names
  • Adelaide (Germanic) - Noble kind; of the noble sort [English speaking countries]

    This name was imported to England by Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, the wife of William IV of Great Britain. She gave her name to the South Australian city of Adelaide. In contemporary literature of the time, Adelaide was frequently used as a name for upper

  • Alexandria (Greek) - Defending men [English speaking countries]

    Alexander the Great founded many cities in his name, the most famous of which is Alexandria in Egypt. The Library of Alexandria was the largest in the ancient world, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

  • Alice (Germanic) - Noble kind; of the noble sort [English, French and Swedish speaking countries]

    Alice was an extremely common name in medieval England, though it frequently appeared in the alternate form Alys. It is found several times in Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales," most famously as the name of the Wife of Bath. The name fell into disuse for man

  • Alma (Hebrew) - Maiden [English, Hebrew and Spanish speaking countries]

    Could be explained as from the Hebrew, 'maiden', from the Germanic 'amal', 'effort', or from the Latin 'alma', 'nourishing'.

    The River Alma in Ukraine was the site of a battle during the Crimean War, which was won by British, French and Ot

  • America (Germanic) - Ever-powerful in battle [English speaking countries]

    Spanish of the masculine Italian name Amerigo. North and South America are named after Amerigo Vespucci, who explored the coast of South America at the turn of the 16th century.

    The name is also borne by actress America Ferrera.

  • Ashlea (English) - Ash wood [English speaking countries]

    Variant spelling of Ashley.

  • Ashlee (English) - Ash wood [English speaking countries]

    Variant spelling of Ashley.

  • Ashleigh (English) - Ash wood [English speaking countries]

    Variant spelling of Ashley.

  • Ashlie (English) - Ash wood [English speaking countries]

    Variant spelling of Ashley.

  • Bethany (Hebrew) - House of figs [English speaking countries]

    Biblically, the village of Bethany was identified as being approximately 2 miles from Jerusalem, on the slope of the Mount of Olives. It was in Bethany that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, and was anointed with expensive perfume by a woman. A religiou

  • Brielle (Hebrew) - God is my might [English speaking countries]

    Short form of Gabrielle or a combination of 'Bri' from Bridget or Brittany with the 'elle' suffix.

    Brielle is the name of a town in the Netherlands.

  • Brittany (English) - Land of the Britons [English speaking countries]

    The English name for the French province of Bretagne, named for the Briton settlers who arrived after the Anglo-Saxon invasion of England.

    Brittany joined the US top 1000 in 1971 and experienced it's highest popularity (3rd most popular gir

  • Carolina (German) - Free man [English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries]

    Feminine form of the Latin Carolus, from the name Charles.
    It is now the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese cognate of the name.

    The states of North and South Carolina in the USA were named after King Charles I of England.

  • Catalina (Greek) - Pure [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Catalina is an island off the coast of California. It is also the name of a type of salad dressing. Femine form of the male Romanian Catalin.

  • Chantal (French) - Place of stones [English and French speaking countries]

    At first a French family name. It came into use as a first name at the beginning of the 20th century.

  • Charlotte (Germanic) - Free man [English and French speaking countries]

    Charlotte is a feminine form of the name Charles; though often interpreted as "woman" or "feminine," Charlotte might equally be interpreted as "masculine." Many texts reconcile these differences by defining Charlotte as "strong woman." Whilst moderately

  • Chelsea (English) - Chalk landing place [English speaking countries]

    Chelsea is a district of London, England and the name of several places in the States. A Chelsea Bun is a type of cake, formed in the shape of a spiral and made of a yeast dough with a sweet glaze.

    A famous bearer is Chelsea Clinton, daught

  • Chelsie (English) - Chalk landing place [English speaking countries]

    Respelling of the place name Chelsea.

  • China (English) - Qin's kingdom [English speaking countries]

    China is a country in eastern Asia. Approximately one fifth of the world's population lives in China.

    The English term "China" likely derives from a corruption of the name Qin. The Qin Dynasty ruled China for a brief period in the second

  • Clare (Latin) - Clear; bright; famous [English speaking countries]

    From the Latin 'clarus' (bright, clear distinguished).

    Clare is a county in south-west Ireland. Saint Clare of Assisi was a follower of St Francis. She formed the Poor Clares order.

    Clare Short and Clare Martin are politici

  • Dasia (Greek) - Gift of God [English speaking countries]
  • Elysia (Greek) - Struck by lightning [English speaking countries]

    Elysia comes from the Greek Elysion (Latinized as 'Elysium'). Elysium was a part of the Greek underworld roughly equivalent to our idea of 'heaven'. Elysium is an obscure and mysterious name that evolved from a designation of a place or person struck by l

  • Florence (Latin) - Blossoming; charming [English speaking countries]

    Florence is the English equivalent name for the Italian city of Firenze.

  • Georgia (Latin) - Farmer; earth-worker [English speaking countries]

    Georgia is a country in Eurasia, between Russia and Turkey.

    The American state of Georgia was named after King George II of England.

    South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands are an inhospitable group of islands in the souther

  • Ireland (English) - Land of Ériu [English speaking countries]

    Ireland is the third-largest island in Europe, and contains the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, part of the UK. Éire is the traditional Gaelic name for Ireland; Ériu was one of three sister goddesses who were the patrons of pre-Christian Irelan

  • Kerri (Gaelic) - Country of the children of Ciar [English speaking countries]
  • Kimberley (English) - Variable prefix + "forest clearing" [English speaking countries]

    The name Kimberley derives from many sources, and its meaning therefore varies widely. It can mean "Cyebald's forest clearing," "royal forest clearing," and "royal fortress in the forest clearing," among other things. The common element in all these mea

  • Larissa (Russian) - From the ancient city Larisa [English speaking countries]

    Larissa is a Greek city, the capital of Thessaly. It is situated in an area that has been inhabited for 12000 years. Larissa is also the name of a moon of Neptune. In Greek mythology, Larissa was a nymph from Thessaly.

  • Lorraine (French) - Of Lothair [English speaking countries]

    This surname became a popular first name in Scotland in the 19th century.

  • Lourdes (Basque) - Craggy slope [English speaking countries]

    Lourdes is a city in France where the Virgin Mary is believed to have revealed herself.

  • Lucia (Latin) - Light [English, Italian and Spanish speaking countries]

    Saint Lucia is an island in the Caribbean. It was named after Saint Lucy (Lucia) of Syracuse.

    Saint Lucia enjoys a high degree of popularity in Scandinavian countries, where her feast day is celebrated every December 13th. Her connection

  • Lydia (Germanic) - Noble kind; of the noble sort [English speaking countries]

    Lydia is the name of a historic region of Asia Minor, that included Troy and Ephesus. Lydia is also the name of a purple goods seller, in the Bible. She is considered the first European convert to Christianity. She was living in Thyatira which was on the

  • Malaysia (Sanskrit) - Sandalwood trees [English speaking countries]

    Comes from the name Malaya, which is a comination of two Tamil words, Malay or Malai (hill) and ur (town); thus meaning "hilltown".

  • Monserrat (Latin) - Rough or jagged mountain [Catalan and English speaking countries]

    Place name referring to a range of Spanish mountains that was considered holy. The name Montserrat is used by the Catalans, and this is a derivative of that name.

  • Montserrat (Latin) - Rough or jagged mountain [Catalan and English speaking countries]

    Place name referring to a range of Spanish mountains that was considered holy. This name is heavily used by the Catalans.

  • Moriah (Hebrew) - Uncertain, perhaps considered by God [English speaking countries]

    English form of Moriya.
    In the Bible, Moriah is the name given to the mountain or mountain range where Abraham led his son Isaac for the sacrifice ordered by God.

    The meaning of the name Moriya is debated.
    Jewish scholars have

  • Myra (Latin) - Uncertain, perhaps myrrh, unguent [English speaking countries]

    The name was invented in the 17th century by the poet Fulke Greville for use in his love poems.
    He perhaps based it on Latin 'myron' from the Greek (myrrh, onguent - a sweet smelling oil), creating a feminine form of Myron.
    It has also been

  • Paisley (English) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Paisley is a town in Scotland, near to Glasgow. It was famous for its weaving industry in the 19th century - Paisley pattern, which involves a Persian inspired tear-shaped design, comes from the town.

  • Regina (Latin) - Queen [English and Polish speaking countries]

    This name is very popular in southern Poland.

    Regina was one epithet of the Roman goddess Juno. It is also the name of a city in Saskatchewan, Canada.

  • Sahara (English) - Name of a desert [African and English speaking countries]

    Sahara is the name of a vast desert in North Africa.
    Sahara may also be taken as derived from the Hebrew "sahar" meaning "moon".

  • Samara (Hebrew) - Regard; guardian [English speaking countries]

    In the bible, there is a place named Samaria which could be where this name originates from. Samaria means "mountain lookout" or "watch mountain".

    A samara is a flattened fruit, commonly called a 'helicopter' and found on trees such as the

  • Savannah (Spanish) - Plateau [English speaking countries]

    A savanna (also spelled "savannah") is a large, grassy plateau. Savannah is the name of a large city in the U.S. state of Georgia. It is also the name of a breed of cat.

  • Siena (Italian) - From the name of the city [English speaking countries]
  • Sierra (Spanish) - Mountain range [English speaking countries]

    The Spanish word for a range of mountains is sierra. The name's popularity likely came from Americans using it in homage to the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

  • Sofia (Greek) - Wisdom [English, Spanish and Swedish speaking countries]

    Scandinavian and Spanish spelling of Sophia.

    Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. It was named after the second oldest church in the capital, the Hagia Sophia or St Sofia Church.

    Sofia Coppola is an American film director.

  • Victoria (Latin) - Conqueror; victory [English, Romanian and Spanish speaking countries]

    Victoria was the Roman goddess of victory, the equivalent of the Greek Nike.

    A notable bearer of this name is Queen Victoria who reigned between 1819 - 1901 and is the longest reigning British monarch. Victoria was not a common name when Qu

  • Virginia (Latin) - Maiden [Danish, English, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish speaking countries]

    The American state of Virginia was named after English Queen Elizabeth I - known as the 'Virgin Queen' because she never married.

    Virginia Woolf was an English novelist and Virginia Wade is a Wimbledon winning tennis player.

  • Winona (English) - Eldest daughter [English speaking countries]
Gender Neutral Names
  • Addison (English) - Son of Adam [English speaking countries]

    Addison, which means 'son of Adam', is one of the surnames which has been enthusiastically taken up in the current trend to find 'unique' names for baby girls. It has been climbing the American charts since 1994 and in 2006 was the 27th most popular name

  • Arden (English) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    A surname derived from a place name, which probably comes originally from a Celtic word meaning 'high'.

  • Ariel (Hebrew) - Lion of God [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    Ariel is generally regarded as the masculine spelling of this name, with the feminine forms Ariela and Arielle. A famous male Ariel is Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

    Ariel appears in the Bible as a name for the city of Jerusalem and a

  • Ashley (English) - Ash wood [English speaking countries]

    A place name and surname from the Old English words 'æsc' (ash) and 'leah' (wood). This name transferred from surname to male first name but in recent decades has become increasingly popular for girls.

  • Aspen (English) - Aspen tree [English speaking countries]

    Aspens are part of the Willow family, and are characterized by their trembling leaves, white bark, and beautiful fall foliage.

    Aspen Matthews is the heroine of the comic book "Fathom."

    Aspen, Colorado, is a world-famous ski r

  • Brooklyn (Dutch) - Uncertain, perhaps broken land [English speaking countries]

    Brooklyn is a borough of New York City. The name comes from the Dutch "Breukelen," probably meaning "broken land." The name has become extremely popular in the U.S., perhaps due to its similarity to two existing names, Brooke and Lynn. British celebrit

  • Dallas (Gaelic) - Meadow stance [English speaking countries]

    Dallas is a city in Texas that grew due to it's importance in the oil and cotton industries. 'Dallas' was a long-running TV show that focussed on the Ewing family.

  • Devon (English) - Men of Devon [English speaking countries]

    This is the name of a county in the south of England. It comes from a British tribal name which may mean 'worshippers of the god Dumnonos'.

  • Halley (English) - Hall, enclosure [English speaking countries]

    A surname with two likely origins. Halley is both a diminutive of Hall from the French language and an Old English surname, likely referring to a place name. This place is unknown however.

  • Indiana (English) - Land of Indians [English speaking countries]

    The name of a state of the United States, this means land of indians (referring to Native Americans). It was the first name of the main character in the Indiana Jones movie and its popularity on females is possibly due to it being seen as an alternative

  • Jordan (Hebrew) - Descend; flow down [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    Jordan is the name of a country in the Middle East; it is also the name of the river that runs along Israel's eastern border in the Great Rift Valley. Jordan was in use as a male name in Europe by the Dark Ages, but it has recently become a popular choic

  • Kara (Gaelic) - Friend [English and Turkish speaking countries]

    As a female name, Kara is derived from Cara - which has roots in Gaelic and Italian. As a male name it is Turkish.

    Kara refers to several geographical places.

    It is a character in the novel 'Benim Adým Kýrmýzý' by the Turki

  • Kelby (English) - Child's town [English speaking countries]

    From the town Kilby in Leicestershire. The town was initially called Cilebi which meant Child's town, with Child being a personal name in this case. The town's name comes from the Old English cild meaning child and tun meaning town or settlement. Tun w

  • Kelsey (English) - Cenel's land [English speaking countries]

    The surname Kelsey originated as a place name in Lincolnshire, England. It comes from the Old English name Cenel (which itself came from a word which meant 'fierce' or 'brave') plus the Old English noun 'eg' (meaning 'island' or 'low-lying land'). As a fi

  • Kendal (Gaelic) - Valley of the River Kent [English speaking countries]

    From the place name Kendal in Cumbria, recorded in 1095 as Kircabikendala ‘village with a church in the valley of the Kent river’.
    It is also an Anglicized form of the Welsh personal name Cynddelw, which was borne by a famous 12th-century Welsh poe

  • Kendall (Gaelic) - Valley of the River Kent [English speaking countries]

    Surname from the place name Kendal in Cumbria, recorded in 1095 as Kircabikendala ‘village with a church in the valley of the Kent river’.
    It is also an Anglicized form of the Welsh personal name Cynddelw, which was borne by a famous 12th-century W

  • Kenya (English) - The country of Kenya [English speaking countries]

    In a surge of popularity toward using place names as first names, this reached #275 in the United States in 2005.

  • Kerry (Gaelic) - Country of the children of Ciar [English speaking countries]

    County Kerry is located in the Munster region of the Republic of Ireland.
    The name of the county may mean "country of the children of Ciar", ciar meaning "dark" and probably implying "dark hair and brown eyes".

  • Lindsay (Gaelic) - Uncertain, perhaps "dark lake"; Lincoln [English speaking countries]

    Lindsay is derived from the Brithonic name "Lindissi," a corruption of the Latin "Lindum Colonia" - the Roman name for Lincoln. "Lindum" may derive from the old Gaeli "lindu," meaning "dark lake." Lindsay is a unisex name today, usually feminine in the

  • London (English) - From London [English speaking countries]

    London itself is of obscure etymology, but is possibly connected with the Celtic element 'lond' which means 'wild'. The Latinised Roman name for London was Londinium.

  • Madison (English) - Son of Maud; Matthew's son [English speaking countries]

    Transferred use of the surname meaning "son of Maud"; and also perhaps "Mad's son", Mad being a common pet form of Matthew during the Middle Ages.

    Although Madison, today, is given as a name to both genders, it isn't a legitimate unisex nam

  • Malaya (Sanskrit) - Sandalwood trees [English and Hindi speaking countries]

    From the name of the country which became Malaysia.
    Malaya is a comination of two Tamil words, Malay or Malai (hill) and ur (town); thus meaning "hilltown".

    Next to this it is also in use as a firstname.

  • Memphis (Greek) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    From the name of the town in Tennessee.

    Memphis is also the Greek name of the ancient capital of the first nome of Lower Egypt, and of the Old Kingdom of Egypt, which was known in Ancient Egyptian as the city of the "white walls". According

  • Montana (Latin) - Mountainous [English speaking countries]

    From the Latin for mountainous; name of an American state.

    Famous bearers include sports legend, football player Joe Montana.

  • Nevada (Spanish) - Snow-covered [English speaking countries]
  • Paris (Greek) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    In Homer's epic poem "The Iliad", Paris was the Trojan Prince whose vanity caused the start of the Trojan war and the eventual downfall of his city. In Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet", Paris was the man the Capulet's wanted Juliet to marry. Paris

  • Phoenix (Greek) - Phoenix; deep red [English speaking countries]

    A phoenix is a mythical bird with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet (or purple, blue, and green according to some legends). It has a 500 to 1,000 year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; bo

  • Riley (English) - Rye clearing [English speaking countries]

    In some cases a transferred use of the English surname, a local name from a place named with Old English ryge (rye) and leah (wood, clearing).
    In other cases it probably represents a respelling of the Irish surname Reilly, which is from an old Iris

  • Rio (Spanish) - River [English and Japanese speaking countries]

    Rio is the Spanish vocabulary world for "river".
    As a Japanese female name, Rio may be written with the characters for "jasmine" (ri) and "center; middle" (o). Other possibilities include "jasmine" (ri) an "cord; strap; beginning" (o), as well as "

  • Sable (English) - Sable [English speaking countries]

    Sable is another name for the color black.

    The sable is a species of marten which inhabits forest environments. It has been prized for its fur. The term has become a generic description for some black-furred animal breeds, such as sable cat

  • Shannon (Hebrew) - God is gracious [English speaking countries]

    The River Shannon is the longest river in Ireland.

    Shannon Lucid is an astronaut and Shannon Elizabeth is an actress. Examples of male Shannons include musicians Shannon Hoon and Shannon Leto.

  • Shasta (Hebrew) - Name of a Native American tribe [English and Hindi speaking countries]

    The Shasta Indians of the Northwest U.S. gave their name to the famous Mount Shasta.

    In the U.S., Shasta is used as a girl's name, and also a popular brand of soda.

    As a Sanskrit male name, Shasta means "teacher." It is a nam

  • Sydney (English) - Wide meadow [English speaking countries]

    Sydney is a variant of the name Sidney, and can be used on both males and females.

    Sydney Carton is the male hero of Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities."

    Sydney Bristow is the heroine in the television show "Alias."

  • Tracey (English) - Thracius' place [English speaking countries]

    Also an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Treasach ('warlike, fierce')

  • Waverley (English) - Quaking aspen [English speaking countries]
  • Waverly (English) - Quaking aspen [English speaking countries]
  • Whitley (English) - White wood; white clearing [English speaking countries]
  • Zaire (African) - River [English speaking countries]

    The word "Zaire" is a Portuguese corruption of "nezere," the Kikongo word for "river." Zaire is a former name of the Congo river, and is also the former name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.