Names that Starts With "U"

Male Names
  • Ualtar (Irish) - Strong fighter
  • Uberto (Germanic) - Bright mind; intelligent [English and Spanish speaking countries]
  • Udayle (English) - From the yew tree valley
  • Udo (German,Swiss) - One with great fortune.
  • Udolf (English) - Wealthy wolf
  • Uilliam (Germanic) - Will, desire + helmet, protection [English speaking countries]

    An Irish form of William.

  • Ulberto (Germanic) - Bright mind; intelligent [English and Italian speaking countries]
  • Ulger (English) - Wolf spear
  • Ulises (Spanish) - Variant of the Greek name Odysseus. Ulysses was the clever and resourceful mythological hero of Homer's epic The Odyssey.
  • Ullok (English) - Wolf sport
  • Ullric (German) - Powerful through his inheritance [English speaking countries]
  • Ulric (German) - Powerful through his inheritance [English speaking countries]
  • Ulrich (German,Swiss) - Prosperity and power.
  • Ulrich (German) - Noble leader
  • Ulrich (Germanic) - Powerful through his inheritance [English and German speaking countries]

    This name comes from the Germanic elements 'odal' ('prosperity, fortune') and 'ric' ('power'). It was the name of a 10th century saint.

  • Ulrick (Germanic) - Powerful through his inheritance [English speaking countries]
  • Ulysses (Greek) - Walker [English speaking countries]

    Ulysses is the Latinized version of Odysseus.

    18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant, went by this name. At birth. his name was Hiram Ulysses Grant (Ulysses being chosen in homage to the mythological hero) and the prospect of

  • Ulz (German) - Noble leader
  • Umberto (German) - Famous giant [English and Italian speaking countries]
  • Unwyn (English) - Unfriendly
  • Upton (English) - From the upper farm
  • Uri (Hebrew) - My flame [English and Hebrew speaking countries]
  • Uri (Hebrew) - God is my light
  • Uriah (Hebrew) - The Lord is light [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    In the Bible Uriah is the husband of Bathsheba. He was put on the front lines of battle to guarantee his death, after which King David married Bathsheba.

  • Uriel (Hebrew) - God is my illumination [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    In Hebrew lore, Uriel is one of the seven archangels.

  • Urien - Name of a king
  • Urmish (Indian) - The one full of feelings for everyone.
  • Urquhart (Scottish) - From the fount on the knoll
  • Urs (German,Swiss) - The bear
  • Urvish (Indian,Hindi) - Lord of the earth
  • Usher (English) - Usher; gate-keeper [English speaking countries]

    Most common as a surname, Usher has gained recent popularity as a first name because of the R&B singer of that name.

  • Uta (Romanian) - Man who prospers in battles.
  • Uzumati (Native American) - Bear (Miwok)
Female Names
  • Udita (Indian) - The one who has risen
  • Ujala (Indian,Sanskrit) - Light; Brightness; Shining; Radiant; Luminant
  • Ula (Celtic) - Sea jewel
  • Uland (Swiss) - Noble country
  • Uldwyna (Romanian) - A special friend.
  • Ullupi (Indian) - A girl with a pretty face.
  • Ulyssa (Greek) - Walker [English speaking countries]
  • Ulyssia (Greek) - Walker [English speaking countries]
  • Uma (Sanskrit) - Flax; luminous [English and Hindi speaking countries]

    Sanskrit name meaning "luminous or serene". Uma is also a name of the Goddess Parvati, derived from "U, ma!": "O (child), do not (practice austerities)!"

  • Umangi (Indian) - Happiness, joy
  • Una (Celtic) - White wave
  • Una (Romanian) - Romanian word for one.
  • Una (Latin) - One [English speaking countries]

    Una appears as a name in Spenser's "Faerie Queene," and her character is considered a personification of Truth and the Church. She is set up in opposition to the antagonist Duessa (from the Greek word for "two"), who is set up as the "False Church."

  • Unity (English) - Oneness; harmony [English speaking countries]
  • Unity (Irish) - Together
  • Unnati (Indian) - Development and progress
  • Urania (Greek)
  • Urmila (Indian) - Waves of passion. It's also the name of Lakshman's wife.
  • Ursala (Latin) - Little bear [English speaking countries]
  • Ursel (Swiss) - Little bear
  • Ursula (Latin) - Little bear [English speaking countries]
  • Ursule (Romanian) - Ursule is a variant of Ursula and means little bear cub.
  • Urvi (Indian) - Our mother earth
  • Uschi (German,Swiss) - Young bear
  • Ushi (Swiss) - A plant
  • Ushma (Indian) - Heat
  • Utama (Indonesian) - Prominent or ultimate
Gender Neutral Names
  • Unique (English) - Only one; unparalleled [English speaking countries]

    This adjective is sometimes used as a given name for either gender.

  • Unknown (English) - Unknown [English speaking countries]

    "Unknown" is used as a placeholder name by some governments when a name has not been selected for a child by a certain deadline. Though it appears on the U.S. Social Security Administration records and in the birth records of many countries, it is almost

  • Useless