Yiddish Names

Male Names
  • Abram (Hebrew) - Father of a multitude or many nations [English and Yiddish speaking countries]

    Abram was the original name of Abraham in the Bible. God renamed him thusly: "No longer shall your name be Abram, but your name shall be Abraham, for I have made you the father of many nations". Abram means "exalted father", where Abraham means "father

Female Names
  • Reina (Yiddish) - Pure; clean [English, Japanese and Yiddish speaking countries]

    Yiddish for "clean; pure", Reina is the Yiddish form of Catherine.

    It also means "queen" in Spanish.

    As a Japanese name, Reina may be written with the characters for "summit; peak" (rei) and "Nara" (na) - among other possibil

  • Zelda (Germanic) - N/A [English and Yiddish speaking countries]

    Zelda is a variant spelling of Selda which is of Anglo-Saxon origin (the Hebrew form of Selda is Segula), and a pet form of Griselda. It is also a Yiddish name meaning "luck".

    Zelda is also the name of the princess that has to saved by the

Gender Neutral Names