Ukrainian Names

Male Names
  • Luka (Greek) - Man from Lucania [English speaking countries]
  • Viktor (Latin) - Victor [English speaking countries]
Female Names
  • Hanna (Hebrew) - Grace; favour [African and English speaking countries]

    Hanna is a form of the name Hannah, as well as a name from the Hausa language meaning "joy."

  • Odessa (Ukrainian) - Place name [English speaking countries]

    Odessa is the name of the fourth largest city in Ukraine. Odessa may also be related to the Greek mythological name Odysseus.

  • Oksana (Greek) - Welcoming [English, Ukrainian and Russian speaking countries]

    Ukrainian form of Xenia.

Gender Neutral Names
  • Nikita (Greek) - Unconquered, unconquerable [English and Russian speaking countries]

    A Russian male name now often used for girls in the English-speaking world, perhaps due to its similarity to the female names Niki or Nita. Perhaps the best-known Nikita in the last century was Nikita Khrushchev, an important leader in the USSR's Communi