Twilight Names

Male Names
  • Alec (Greek) - Defending men [English speaking countries]

    Diminutive of Alexander, originally popular in Scotland.

    Bearers include former British Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home, and actors Alec Guinness and Alec Baldwin.

    Alec Stoke-d'Urberville is one of the main characters in Tho

  • Ben (Hebrew) - Son [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    The male name Ben is from the Hebrew meaning "son", mentioned in the Old Testament.
    Ben is also used as a nickname for Benjamin, the Anglicized form of Binyamin, meaning "son of my right hand". In the Bible, Benjamin was the youngest son of Jacob.<

  • Benjamin (Hebrew) - Son of my right hand [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    Benjamin is the anglicized form of the Hebrew Binyamin. In the Old Testament, Benjamin was the twelfth and youngest son of Jacob. Benjamin was the 24th most popular boy's name in the US in 2006, and the 11th most popular in the UK. It is also commonly fou

  • Billy (Germanic) - Will, desire + helmet, protection [English speaking countries]

    Nickname for William.

  • Brady (Gaelic) - Descendant of Brádach [English speaking countries]

    Brady is a surname that has recently come into use as a first name. 'The Brady Bunch' was a 1970s TV show which aimed to present the challenges involved in blending a family - Mike Brady and his three sons having Carol Martin and her three daughters join

  • Charles (Germanic) - Free man [English and French speaking countries]

    From the Germanic word karl meaning "free man", akin to Old English ceorl "man".
    Charles is the French form of the name. There have been ten French kings named Charles, including Charlemagne (Charles the Great). Under Charlemagne's rule the Frankis

  • Charlie (Germanic) - Free man [English speaking countries]

    Charlie is very popular as a stand-alone name in the UK, rated 6h in 2007 (Charles came in at 52nd). It was ranked only 337th in the US.

    Charlie is also used occasionally as a nickname for the feminine name Charlotte, or other female "Char"

  • Collin (Gaelic) - Dove [English speaking countries]
  • Cullen (Gaelic) - Chieftain [English speaking countries]

    Cullen is the surname of the lead characters, the Cullen family, of Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight' series of novels.

  • Edward (English) - Wealth protector [English speaking countries]

    From the Old English Eádweard; a compound name composed of the elements "ead" (riches, prosperity, fortune) and "weard" (guardian, protector). Hence: 'protector of the riches, inheritance', or maybe 'rich guardian', 'fortunate protector'.
    It is mo

  • Emmett (German) - All-containing; universal; strength [English speaking countries]
  • Eric (Norse) - Eternal ruler [English and French speaking countries]

    Derived from the Old Norse Eirìkr (eternal ruler), a compound name composed of the elements ei (ever, always) and ríkr (ruler). The origin of the name is debated. Most believe in the Norse etymology, but there are some who think it comes to the Old Norse

  • Felix (Latin) - Happy, lucky, fortunate [English, Norwegian and Swedish speaking countries]

    There have been several St Felixs. St Felix and his sister, St Regula, are the patron saints of Zurich. St Felix of Burgundy is known as the bishop who introduced Christianity into East Anglia, in England. There have been four Popes named Felix.

  • Garrett (Germanic) - Strength of the spear [English speaking countries]

    Garrett is a name that derives from the names Gerard or Gerald, both containing the Germanic "gar" element, meaning "spear."

    Garrett is regularly found as a surname as in the cases of 1970's teen pop idol Leif Garrett, Pat Garrett (who was

  • Harry (Germanic) - Home ruler [English speaking countries]

    Harry started out as a nickname for Henry, but is now used as a name in its own right. In the US it was the 593rd most popular name for boys in 2006. In the UK however, where it is the popular name of one of the royal princes, the name comes in fifth. It

  • Jacob (Hebrew) - Supplanter; held by the heel [English speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Jacob is the son of Isaac and Rebekah, the twin brother of Esau and the father of twelve sons and a daughter. From his sons came the twelve tribes of Israel - the Israelites. God later changed Jacob's name to Israel.


  • James (Hebrew) - Supplanter [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    There are many saints called James, the most famous being Saint James the Elder, one of the Apostles. As a common name it has many namesakes, such as the author James Joyce or the fictional British spy James Bond ("007"). The name has been used for royalt

  • Jared (Hebrew) - To descend, descendant [English speaking countries]

    In the Bible, Yared is the grandfather of Methuselah. Jared may also be taken as a variant of Yered, one of the names applied to Moses.

    Actor and musician Jared Leto is a famous bearer.

    Captain Jared Bilby is a main charac

  • Jasper (Persian) - Treasurer; spotted stone [English speaking countries]

    In English, the name Jasper can derive either from the Persian name Caspar, meaning "treasurer," or the Persian word "yashp," meaning "spotted stone." It is the name of a semi-precious form of quartz.

    Famous Jaspers include Jasper Tudor, u

  • Liam (Germanic) - Will, desire and helmet, protection [English speaking countries]

    This name is a short form of the Irish name Uilliam (William) which is now use independently as a given name. As a Hebrew name, Liam means "my people; I have a nation".

    Famous bearers include 'Oasis' singer Liam Gallagher, former Irish Tao

  • Marcus (Latin) - From the god Mars [English speaking countries]

    A Roman praenomen (given name) with Etruscan origins; the original Latin form of Mark.
    Marcus was probably derived from the name of the Roman god of war Mars, or the adjective 'mas' meaning "male, virile". Hence the meaning "from Mars", "from the g

  • Mike (Hebrew) - Who is like God? [English speaking countries]

    Short form of Michael, also used as an independent name, particularly in the US.

  • Paul (Latin) - Small; humble [Dutch, English, French and German speaking countries]

    St Paul was an early Christian missionary. Originally a persecutor of Christians named Saul, who witnessed the stoning of Stephen, he was converted whilst on the road to Damascus, prompting a name change. Paul travelled throughout the Mediterranean teachi

  • Peter (Greek) - Stone [Dutch, English, German and Hungarian speaking countries]

    St Peter was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, and became the first pope of the Church. Peter's original name was Simon, but it was changed by Jesus to the Aramaic name Cephas (rock). Peter is the Greek equivalent of Cephas.

    The first R

  • Phil (Greek) - Lover of horses [English speaking countries]

    Nickname for Phil- names.

  • Randall (Germanic) - Shield rim [English speaking countries]

    Randall Flagg is a fictional character created by Stephen King in his nine part 'Dark Tower' series.

    Randall is commonly found as a surname.

  • Santiago (Spanish) - Saint James [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Iago is the Spanish version of James. Santiago de Compostela (Saint James of Compostela) in Spain is a Christian pilgrimage destination that has been popular since the Middle Ages.

    The Old Man and the Sea is a short novel written by Ernest

  • Seth (Hebrew) - Appointed [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    In the Bible, Seth was the son of Adam and Eve, he was born after the murder of Abel by his twin brother Cain. Seth is noted as the son of Adam from whom Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and consequently David and Jesus are descended. Seth or Set was also an

  • Stefan (Greek) - Crown [English speaking countries]
  • Tyler (English) - Tile maker; tile layer [English speaking countries]

    Tyler is a city in Texas, presumably named so after John Tyler, the 10th US President.

Female Names
  • Alice (Germanic) - Noble kind; of the noble sort [English, French and Swedish speaking countries]

    Alice was an extremely common name in medieval England, though it frequently appeared in the alternate form Alys. It is found several times in Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales," most famously as the name of the Wife of Bath. The name fell into disuse for man

  • Angela (Greek) - Messenger [English, German and Spanish speaking countries]

    Angela is derived from the same origin as the vocabulary word 'Angel' - angels being the messengers of God.

    Famous bearers include German Chancellor Angela Merkel (who pronounces her name with a hard 'g'), actress Angela Lansbury and Briti

  • Bella (Hebrew) - My God is a vow [English speaking countries]

    Short form of '-bella' names such as Isabella or Annabella. It is also the Italian and Spanish feminine adjective for 'beautiful'.

    'Bella' was the name of a 2006 film by Alejandro Gomez Monteverde.

    Bearers include American po

  • Carmen (Hebrew) - Garden; orchard [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    To create this name the spelling of Carmel was altered to fit the Latin noun 'carmen' (song). Carmen is the name of a famous opera by Bizet.

    Carmen Electra (born Tara Leigh Patrick), is an American glamor model, actress, television personal

  • Charlotte (Germanic) - Free man [English and French speaking countries]

    Charlotte is a feminine form of the name Charles; though often interpreted as "woman" or "feminine," Charlotte might equally be interpreted as "masculine." Many texts reconcile these differences by defining Charlotte as "strong woman." Whilst moderately

  • Chelsea (English) - Chalk landing place [English speaking countries]

    Chelsea is a district of London, England and the name of several places in the States. A Chelsea Bun is a type of cake, formed in the shape of a spiral and made of a yeast dough with a sweet glaze.

    A famous bearer is Chelsea Clinton, daught

  • Claire (Latin) - Clear; bright; famous [English speaking countries]

    "Claire" is the French feminine adjective for "clear."

    Claire is the name of a computer programming language; "Claire's" is a well-known accessories store in the U.S and UK. Famous bearers include actress Claire Danes and US senator Claire

  • Elizabeth (Hebrew) - My God is a vow [English, Greek and Hebrew speaking countries]

    From Elisabet, the Greek form of the Hebrew name Elisheva meaning "my God is a vow".
    In the Old Testament, Elisheva is the wife of Aaron.
    In the New Testament, the name is borne by a kinswoman of the Virgin Mary and mother of John the Bapti

  • Emily (Latin) - Rival; emulating [English speaking countries]

    From the Latin Aemilia, a derivative of Aemilius, an old Roman family name believed to be derived from aemulus (trying to equal or excel, emulating, rival).

    Another explanation concerning the meaning of the name could point in the direction

  • Gianna (Hebrew) - God is gracious [English and Italian speaking countries]

    Gianna is a nickname for Giovanna.

  • Heidi (Germanic) - Noble one [English and German speaking countries]

    'Heidi' is a children's story by Joanna Spyri, set in the mountains of Switzerland. Its sequels were written by Spyri's English translator Charles Tritten. Heidi is also the name of a character in Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight' series of novels. The charact

  • Jessica (Literary) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Jessica first appeared in the Shakespeare's 'Merchant of Venice' and her origins are much debated. It is possible that Jessica comes from the Hebrew name found in the Bible as Iscah, which was translated in Shakespeare's time as Jesca.


  • Kate (Greek) - Pure [English speaking countries]

    This nickname of Katherine has been borne by New Zealand suffragette Kate (Katherine) Sheppard, supermodel Kate (Katherine) Moss, singer Kate (Catherine) Bush and actresses Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, Kate (Kathryn) Beckinsale, author Kate Chopin and Kate

  • Katrina (Greek) - Pure [English speaking countries]

    Anglicisation of Caitríona or a form of Katherine.

    Hurricane Katrina occurred in 2005, devastating, in particular, New Orleans and Mississippi. The cost of reconstruction following the hurricane was set at $10.5 billion - making it the most

  • Lauren (Latin) - Man from Laurentum [English speaking countries]

    This name is thought to have first come into popular use with the actress Lauren Bacall who starred in films with Humphrey Bogart in the 1940's. The name was wildly popular in the 1960's and peaked again in the late 1980s. Originally a rarely used pet f

  • Leah (Hebrew) - Weary [English speaking countries]

    This name may also be taken from the Hebrew word meaning "wild cow" or "gazelle".

    Biblically, Leah is the wife of Jacob and the older sister of Rachel. Jacob laboured for seven years for Leah's father Laban to win Rachel's hand. On his wed

  • Maggie (Greek) - Pearl [English speaking countries]

    Pet form of Margaret.

  • Maria (Hebrew) - Bitter [Catalan, Dutch, English, Estonian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Armenian speaking countries]

    Latin form of Mary.
    It arose as a back-formation from the early Christian Greek name Mariam, which was taken as a Latin accusative case, and is ultimately derived from Hebrew Miryam.

    In the English-speaking world, Maria was the writ

  • Mary (Hebrew) - Bitter [English speaking countries]

    Originally a Middle English Anglicized form of the French "Marie," derived from the Latin "Maria," and ultimately from the Hebrew name of uncertain origin "Miryam".

    This is the New Testament form of Miriam, which St. Jerome derives from ele

  • Rachel (Hebrew) - Ewe [English speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament of the Bible, Rachel was a wife of Jacob and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin.

    Famous bearers include actresses Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams, and artist Rachel Whiteread. Rachel Green was a character on the TV sitco

  • Rebecca (Hebrew) - To tie [English speaking countries]

    Sometimes touted as meaning 'to tie/to bind' or 'heifer', this name is of doubtful meaning and probably has its roots in Aramaic. The Biblical Rebecca was the wife of Isaac in the Old Testament and the mother of Jacob and Esau.

    This is al

  • Rosalie (Latin) - Rose [English and French speaking countries]

    From the Latin and Italian Rosalia, an elaborated form of Rosa.

    Rosalia is also an Ancient festival during which garlands of roses were laid to honor the memory of fallen soldiers.

  • Sarah (Hebrew) - Princess [English, French, German, Hebrew, Norwegian and Swedish speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Sarah was the wife of Abraham, and the mother of Isaac.
    Her name was first Sarai ("my princess"), which God changed to Sarah ("princess") as her descendants were to be the future nation of Israel.

    Famous bearer

  • Shelley (English) - Clearing near a ledge [English speaking countries]
  • Siobhan (Gaelic) - God is gracious [English speaking countries]

    This is the Irish form of Joan.

  • Sue (Hebrew) - Lily [English speaking countries]
  • Tia (English) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Modern coinage of uncertain derivation, although this word means 'aunt' in Spanish. Possibly taken from the end of names such as Laetitia.

  • Victoria (Latin) - Conqueror; victory [English, Romanian and Spanish speaking countries]

    Victoria was the Roman goddess of victory, the equivalent of the Greek Nike.

    A notable bearer of this name is Queen Victoria who reigned between 1819 - 1901 and is the longest reigning British monarch. Victoria was not a common name when Qu

Gender Neutral Names
  • Kim (English) - Regal hill [English and Vietnamese speaking countries]

    In Vietnamese this is a female name referring to the colour gold.

    Can be used as a nickname for Kimberly.

  • Makenna (Gaelic) - Son of Cionaodh [English speaking countries]

    Popular variant of MacKenna.

  • Sam (Hebrew) - His name is God [English speaking countries]

    Either a short form of Samantha or Samuel.

    Sam is a character in Stephenie Meyer's popular Twilight series of books. It is also the name of the lead character in John Hughes quintessential teen movie, starring Molly Ringwald, "Sixteen Cand

  • Sasha (Greek) - Defending men [English speaking countries]

    Russian endearment of Alexander that has crossed over from strictly boy's territory to commonly used for girls.
    Both comedian Jerry Seinfeld and President Barack Obama have daughters names Sasha.

    Sasha Cohen is an American Olympic fi