Turkish Names

Male Names
  • Aydin (Turkish) - Intelligent; erudite [English and Turkish speaking countries]

    Aydin is a Turkish name meaning "intelligent" or "learned," but it is also sometimes used as an alternate spelling of Aidan or Aodhán.

  • Yusuf (Hebrew) - He will enlarge [English speaking countries]
Female Names
  • Ayla (Hebrew) - Oak tree [English and Turkish speaking countries]

    English transcription of Hebrew Elah, meaning "Oak tree", "pistachio tree" or "terebinth tree". Another recorded Hebrew meaning is "goddess". Ayla is also a Turkish name derived from the term "ay," meaning "moon." It is often claimed that Ayla literally

Gender Neutral Names
  • Aydan (Gaelic) - Little fire [English and Turkish speaking countries]

    Aydan is a respelling of Aidan, the standard anglicization of the Gaelic Aodhán. In Turkish it is an unrelated female name.

  • Kara (Gaelic) - Friend [English and Turkish speaking countries]

    As a female name, Kara is derived from Cara - which has roots in Gaelic and Italian. As a male name it is Turkish.

    Kara refers to several geographical places.

    It is a character in the novel 'Benim Adým Kýrmýzý' by the Turki