Sports Names

Male Names
  • Allen (Gaelic) - Rock [English speaking countries]

    Variant of Allen.

    Bearers include poet Allen Ginsberg, basketball player Allen Iverson and American musician Allen Toussaint.

    As a surname, notable bearers include film director Woody Allen, singer Lily Allen and musician and

  • Bryant (Gaelic) - Noble, strong, virtuous [English speaking countries]

    Surname of American sports celebrity Kobe Bryant and newscaster Bryant Gumble.

  • Buddy (English) - Thickset person; beetle [English speaking countries]

    Buddy may be taken as a variant of the surname Budd.
    It is also the English vocabulary word for "a good friend".
    Drummer Buddy Rich, ground dbreaking rock-n-roller Buddy Holly, actor and comedian Buddy Hackett, actor Buddy Ebsen and baseball

  • Cleveland (English) - Slope land [English speaking countries]

    English habituation surname that became, at one point, popular to use as a first name. Currently, Cleveland is well known as the most populous city in the state of Ohio, as well as being home to the Rock and Toll Hall of Fame.

    Famous bearer

  • Cohen (Hebrew) - Priest [English and Gaelic speaking countries]

    Cohen is either a Jewish surname from the Hebrew 'kohen' (priest) or an anglicised Irish surname from 'Ó Cadhan' (descendant of Cadhan).

    Cohen is not a personal name in Hebrew. In the Jewish faith, a kohen is assumed to be a direct male de

  • Dwight (English) - Mountain of Zeus [English speaking countries]

    Dwight was the original middle name given to 34th US President Eisenhower. To avoid confusion with his father, who was also named David, he began to go by his middle name and used Dwight throughout his life. The nickname for Dwight is "Ike", which he also

  • Heath (English) - Person living on a heath or near heather [English speaking countries]

    The heath habitat is a shrubland area with low-growing woody vegetation.

    As a first name, famous Heaths include actor Heath Ledger and American politician and former American football player Heath Shuler.

  • Jimmy (Hebrew) - Supplanter [English speaking countries]

    James Earl Carter, 39th President of the United States, preferred to go by the name "Jimmy". He has always signed his name as Jimmy Carter.

    Other famous Jimmys include: American movie star (known for his large nose) Jimmy Durante, Led Zeppl

  • Johnson (Hebrew) - God is gracious [English speaking countries]

    Johnson is a familial surname that rarely occurs as a first name. Famous bearers include Sports hero Earvin "Magic" Johnson and 17th President of the US Andrew Johnson.

    "Johnson" is sometimes used as American slang to reference a man's geni

  • Wilson (English) - Son of William [English speaking countries]

    Wilson is a common surname found rarely as a personal name. Famous bearers include 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, 40th president Ronald Wilson Reagan and R&B rock and roll singer Wilson Pickett.

    Wilson is also an Ameri

Female Names
Gender Neutral Names
  • Montana (Latin) - Mountainous [English speaking countries]

    From the Latin for mountainous; name of an American state.

    Famous bearers include sports legend, football player Joe Montana.

  • Sasha (Greek) - Defending men [English speaking countries]

    Russian endearment of Alexander that has crossed over from strictly boy's territory to commonly used for girls.
    Both comedian Jerry Seinfeld and President Barack Obama have daughters names Sasha.

    Sasha Cohen is an American Olympic fi