Farsi Names

Male Names
  • Aryan (Latin) - From Hadria [English speaking countries]

    A nickname to Adrian as well as a term used by linguists to note the Indo-Iranian language family. The word has become linked with Nazism due to Hitler's aim of producing a pure Aryan master race by exterminating the Jews.

  • Cyrus (Persian) - Sun; lord; throne [English and Persian speaking countries]

    The name Cyrus is derived from either the Persian word "kurush," which may relate to the sun, or "kuru", which relates to throne.

    Cyrus the Great was the first Persian ruler; he conquered Babylon, and is known Biblically for releasing the

  • Jasper (Persian) - Treasurer; spotted stone [English speaking countries]

    In English, the name Jasper can derive either from the Persian name Caspar, meaning "treasurer," or the Persian word "yashp," meaning "spotted stone." It is the name of a semi-precious form of quartz.

    Famous Jaspers include Jasper Tudor, u

  • Taj (Sanskrit) - Crown [Arabic, English and Hindi speaking countries]

    Indian and Arabic name meaning "crown", respectively from the Sanskrit and the Persian.

    A taj is also a tall conical cap worn by Muslims as a headdress of distinction.

Female Names
  • Esther (Persian) - Star [English and French speaking countries]

    Esther is a name of debated origin. It might be from the Persian, meaning "star", or a Hebrew form of the Persian goddess Ishtar.
    In the Old Testament, Esther is the name of the Jewish queen of King Ahasuerus of Persia who save her people from the

  • Farah (Arabic) - Joyful [English speaking countries]
  • Manisha (Indian) - Sagacity; desire [English and Hindi speaking countries]

    Manisha is associated with the Hindu deity of the mind. It is also a commonly used as a name for girls in India and Nepal. When used in this context, it symbolizes intelligence and desire.

  • Mina (Germanic) - Will, desire + helmet, protection [English speaking countries]

    Short form of various names with this ending, including Wilhelmina, also used as an independent given name since the 19th century.
    In Scotland, it is a Highland short form of Calumina and Normina, also used on its own.

  • Taja (Sanskrit) - Crown [Arabic and English speaking countries]
  • Yasmin (Persian) - Jasmine [Arabic and English speaking countries]
Gender Neutral Names