Male Names
  • Jakobe (Japanese) - A Japanese city [English speaking countries]
  • Kobe (Japanese) - A Japanese city [English speaking countries]

    Kobe is the name of a town in Japan and a last name, but it is not used as a first name there.
    Kobe has been unusually used as a name in the United States in reference to the Japanese town, such as the name of basketball player Kobe Bryant.

Female Names
  • Hana (Japanese) - Flower; favourite [Arabic, English and Japanese speaking countries]

    Very popular in Japan.

  • Miya (Japanese) - Temple; increasingly beautiful [English and Japanese speaking countries]

    The Japanese name Miya may be written with the character for "temple". Other possibilities include "beauty; beautiful" (mi) and "to be" or "all the more; increasingly" for 'ya'. Miya is also the Japanese vocabulary word for "temple".

  • Sakura (Japanese) - Cherry blossom [English and Japanese speaking countries]

    Popular name in Japan.

Gender Neutral Names