Male Names
  • Cordaro (Spanish) - Lamb [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Respelling of the Spanish surname Cordero. More commonly found as a surname. The surname was an occupational one adopted by families who made their living as sheperds.

  • Cordero (Spanish) - Lamb [English speaking countries]

    More commonly found as a surname. The surname was an occupational one adopted by families who made their living as sheperds.

  • Cortez (Spanish) - In triumph; courteous [English speaking countries]

    Of Spanish origin but not in use as a firstname in Spanish speaking countries.

  • Cruz (Spanish) - Cross [English speaking countries]

    Also commonly found used as a surname.

  • Fernando (Spanish) - Intelligent and brave [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Famous bearers of this Spanish form of Ferdinand include Formula One driver Fernando Alonso, Chilean tennis player Fernando González and poet Fernando Pessoa.

    'Fernando' is also the name of a song by the Swedish pop band ABBA.

  • Gonzalo (Spanish) - Fight; combat [English and Spanish speaking countries]
  • Hernan (Spanish) - Intelligent and brave [English speaking countries]
  • Joseluis (Spanish) - Combination of José and Luis [English speaking countries]

    Blending of the Spanish compound name José Luis.

  • Marques (Spanish) - Lord of the marches; noble rank [English and Portuguese speaking countries]

    Used in the US as a variant spelling of Marquis.
    Marqués is the Spanish word for the nobility rank marquis.

    Marques is a surname of Southern French origin (Occitan), Catalan (Marquès), and Spanish origin (Marqués): from marqués ‘marq

  • Miguelangel (Spanish) - Combination of Miguel and Angel [English speaking countries]

    Blending of the Spanish compound name Miguel Angel.

  • Raymundo (Spanish) - Advice; decision + protector [English speaking countries]
  • Santana (Spanish) - Saintlike; Saint Anne [English speaking countries]

    A combination of san (saint) and Ana.

  • Santiago (Spanish) - Saint James [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Iago is the Spanish version of James. Santiago de Compostela (Saint James of Compostela) in Spain is a Christian pilgrimage destination that has been popular since the Middle Ages.

    The Old Man and the Sea is a short novel written by Ernest

  • Santos (Spanish) - Saints [English speaking countries]
  • Tiago (Spanish) - Saint James [English and Portuguese speaking countries]

    Portuguese form of Santiago.

  • Valdez (Spanish) - From the place name in Alaska [English speaking countries]
Female Names
  • Amaya (Spanish) - High place [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    The name of a heroine of traditional Basque stories of the knight Teodosio de Goni.

  • Blanca (Spanish) - White [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Spanish feminine adjective for 'white', from blanco.

  • Brisa (Spanish) - Breeze [English speaking countries]

    From the Spanish vocabulary word meaning "breeze". Brisa does not appear to be a first name in Spanish-speaking country.

  • Chiquita (Spanish) - Small one [English speaking countries]

    From the Spanish 'chica' which means 'little one'.

  • Cielo (Spanish) - Heaven [English speaking countries]

    The Spanish word for heaven. Some have used this word as a name.

  • Consuelo (Spanish) - Solace [English speaking countries]

    From the Latin 'consolare', 'solace'. The name originates from the practice of using the names of festivals in honour of the Virgin Mary as given names. This name has particular Spanish roots.

  • Coraima (Spanish) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    The meaning of this name is uncertain but there might be a relation with Cora.

  • Dolores (Spanish) - Sorrows [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    A derivation from María de los Dolores, "Mary of Sorrows."

  • Esmeralda (Spanish) - Emerald [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Means "emerald" in Spanish. In Victor Hugo's novel 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' Esmeralda is the Gypsy girl whom Quasimodo is in love with. Another literary connection for Esmeralda would be in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" in which Esmeralda

  • Esperanza (Spanish) - Hope [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    The Spanish for "hope".
    From the Late Latin name Sperantia which was derived from "sperans," "hope."

  • Estrella (Spanish) - Star [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Spanish noun meaning star, Spanish form of Stella.

  • Graciela (Spanish) - Grace [English, Italian and Spanish speaking countries]
  • Guadalupe (Spanish) - Valley of the wolves [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Our Lady of Guadalupe was a Mexican Virgin Mary apparition of the 16th century. She is a symbol of the Mexican nation. Our Lady of Guadalupe also applies to a Castilian apparition of the 14th century.

    There are various places named Guadalup

  • Isamar (Spanish) - Perhaps an elision of "Isabel del Mar" [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Isamar is likely a shortened version of "Isabel del Mar."

  • Karyme (Spanish) - The attractive one [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    The popularity and use of this name can be attributed to the mexican born Karyme Lozano, one of the most recognizable actresses involved in international television. Another case of this same kind of popularity can be evidenced in the name Arleth.

  • Litzy (Spanish) - N/A [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Modern coinage. Litzy is perhaps copied on Mitzie. This is the name of a Mexican pop singer, who may be responsible for the recent fashion for the name.

  • Maribel (Spanish) - Maria Isabel [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Spanish name composed from Maria and Isabel.
    It may also stand as a variant of the name Mariabella and then mean "beautiful Maria".

  • Mercedes (Spanish) - Mercies [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Spanish name associated with the cult of the Virgin Mary, from the liturgical title "Maria de las Mercedes" (Mary of the Mercies; 'Our Lady of Ransom').
    Latin 'mercedes' originally meant 'wages' or 'ransom'.
    In Christian theology, Christ's

  • Paloma (Spanish) - Dove [English speaking countries]

    'La Paloma' is a song by Sebastián Iradier, composed following a visit to Cuba.

    Paloma is the daughter of Pablo Picasso. She appeared in several of his paintings such as 'Paloma in Blue'.

  • Savana (Spanish) - Plateau [English speaking countries]

    Modern trendy respelling of the traditional Savannah.

  • Savanah (Spanish) - Plateau [English speaking countries]

    Alternate spelling of Savannah.

  • Savanna (Spanish) - Plateau [English speaking countries]
  • Savannah (Spanish) - Plateau [English speaking countries]

    A savanna (also spelled "savannah") is a large, grassy plateau. Savannah is the name of a large city in the U.S. state of Georgia. It is also the name of a breed of cat.

  • Sierra (Spanish) - Mountain range [English speaking countries]

    The Spanish word for a range of mountains is sierra. The name's popularity likely came from Americans using it in homage to the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

  • Tierra (Spanish) - Earth [English speaking countries]

    Of uncertain origin; means 'earth' in Spanish, but may also be a respelling of Tiara.

  • Xiomara (Spanish) - Uncertain, perhaps battle-ready [English and Spanish speaking countries]
Gender Neutral Names